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Accessories that come with Asus G750JW

Hello I just in Asian (Cambodia) I just want to know about the accessories that i can get with JW... I mean like (Backpack , headphone, mouse...) And the thing that i really want to know is the backpack of JW is ''ASUS ROG SHUTTLE BACKPACK'' Right ! ...

ATK Issue? [solved]

Why is it that my fn keys do not work unless and until go into the ATK Package folder and double-click on Hcontrol? I found this on a web search after trying to find out why my fn keys weren't working at all, and this work-around does make them func...

Future "proof"?

As the next gen games are coming around and the rather demanding requirements arerevealed for these games, a thought struck in my mind, will this laptop (g750 jx) feasible for the nextgen? Obviously the current games that are now released are not of...

Brotus by Level 7
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BF4 framerate and other troubles.

Ok, so I'm at my wits end right now. I've been trying in vain for the last few days to get BF4 multi running on my G750jw. It would start the campaign mode for 10-15min before I'd get a nvidia driver crash and restore error that would freeze the game...

Power supply issue

Hi all !I own a G75VW laptop and recently i had issue with my power supply who's a 180W (19V 9.5A) and in the market near my place i found a 90W (19V 4.74A) universal power supply.I bought it and it work but i'm asking my self if i should k...

Have quations about my asus g75vw -t1400d !

Hello guys, i have some quations about my notebook....He have always problems & I get so mutch angry( sory for my English, i'm from RUSSIA )1) I have constant problems with the audio drivers...What VIA drivers is good for my notebook ?I tried all th...

RZaK by Level 7
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Replacement keyboard keys this is possible

Ok, I had a" J" that the cap kept coming off! I bought a replacement key from Here it came with 3 parts the J cap the Hinge connector and the rubber rebound piece. There instruction on changing out a key could be better. However I was able to change...

Clintlgm by Level 14
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G55VW-ES71 RAM questions

Hello All,I am loving my laptop but am wanting more out of it, it currently has 8GB of RAM with the 2 accessible slots both empty. I have read on the ASUS website that my platform is 4x slots, so im assuming that i have 2x4GB stock on the motherboard...