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Asus g750 jh vs msi gt70

HiIn comparison ASUS G750JH vs MSI GT70 20D-039US ,I just want to know which gaming laptop is better in all ways.I need your suggestion and voting write your thoughts immediately as soon as possible......................................................

Video and Audio Stuttering on my G750JX

Hi guys, I have a G750JX-TB71. I'm having stuttering in both video and audio. I've been looking at various posts searching for the latest working drivers but I'm kind of confused. Can anyone give me the links of the latest working audio and video ...

LFRuiz by Level 7
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G750JX Buying guidance ! Urgent Help needed !

Guys the main issue that I'm facing here is that I don't know whether to go for this budget friendly ( for a gaming laptop ) G750JX or to just buy a normal mid range i7 4th gen laptop with a decent graphic card 80k in india (about 1400USD ) that can'...

Question About Asus g750jh problems

I'm just wondering if anyone ever encounter this.1. The restarts took a very long time about 10-15 minutes, the restart circle just keeps turning and after 15 min it finally restart.2. my just randomly shut off today without knowing why. It seems lik...

Dead Pixels

So, I got a JH-DB71 from xotic pc about a month ago and have been loving it. However, today I happened to notice what appears to be 2 dead pixels. Needless to say I wasn't exactly thrilled and immediately googled for solutions. I have tried applying ...

Graphics card question

I have the G75VW, and from what I see graphics cards are pretty much like COD games where a new one comes out every year. I bought this computer earlier this year, it was the best one in my price range. The ram I feel like I am good for atleast a few...

G750JH - "unknown device" after Windows 8 installation

Hi all,Because of many BSODs on Windows 8.1 i decided to reinstall Windows 8. After that i installed all Windows Updates und all Asus Drivers/Software from the ASUS Homepage. But now in the Device Manageran "unknown device" is shown. I dont know what...

Boot to DVD?

How the heck do we boot to a DVD?My unit came with Windows 8 which is junk... When it comes to USB 3.0 external drives, it constantly connects and disconnects and in some cases now will not even recognize the device at all. I have changed external ...

Malakie by Level 7
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