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asus g74sx -No audio output deviceis installed

Hi for some time now the audio devices on my laptop havent been working, I can only get sound when i use headphones which is very annoying at times. when i go onto control pannel -> manage audio devices there is nothing there at all, there will only ...

j00eee by Level 7
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g750j-bbl7n05 PCI Simple Communications Controller Issue

Hello, I just purchased my asus g750j and I went into device manager and noticed my PCI communications controler driver had a yellow caution mark on it. I tried installing drivers for the laptop but nothing works. I also have an unknown driver on Dev...

squadup by Level 7
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Warranty on my laptop?

I have win7 on my drive and i opened the bottom to add an extra hdd and broke 2 plastic holders when i tryed to remove it.Reason that i want the warranty is because my 2nd SATA port is broken.

Black Screen , can't enter bios

my g750jw can't boot anyway because i deleted boot option (Windows boot manager) from BIOS.After i deleted g750jw got a black screen, can't press any key and enter bios, can't boot from USB/DVD/Hiren Boot but keyboard backlit light still work. How do...

Btank by Level 7
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Is my laptop battery dead?G53SW-A1

So the other day I started my laptop without mains and it did not boot up. Once I was in windows on mains it showed that the battery needs replacement. Considering its a 2 year old laptop will the battery run out so quickly? do note that I am already...

anvancy by Level 7
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Installing a 3rd hard drive into a G74SX-DH71

I bought a 2nd Sata hard drive caddy for my G74SX-DH71 back in may of 2013 for about 10 bucks. The people that I bought it from asked me a few questions for dimensions and such to make sure everything will be flawless and will fit correctly. They wer...

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burn0u7 by Level 7
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Asus G75VX - Horizontal Lines

Hello everyone, yesterday I was joking a bit with Photoshop, with Black color when i found if the Opacity is 100 you see the horizontal lines, but if you see the opacity to 99 the horizontal lines go away!I'm asking now myself if there is a way to ca...

StreetGT by Level 8
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Power cord stopped working...

So...Last night I left my laptop plugged into the wall (like I always do). When I woke up this morning, the laptop was completely dead with no light on the chord. How quick will I be able to get a replacement?

G73JH shutting itself down constantly - advice needed

Hi there,My G73JH laptop is giving me some issues in that it just switches itself off within 5 minutes or so of starting up, sometimes much sooner. Just now I was barely in the BIOS settings for 30 seconds before it switched itself off. Sometimes I c...