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G55 Unable to find new battery

I am unable to find a source to buy a new battery for the G55. Even BatteryPlus doesn't list anything for this laptop, and the Asus websites appear to be almost shut down. Any help on locating a reliable source for the A42 battery would be appreciate...

G73JH will not take current video driver

Hello,I just bought a G73JH with Win8 and because some programs I need are not supported by Win8 I wiped and installed Win7.I went through the list of drivers and have it pretty much working, except the video driver. I've combed the site (and others)...

ODD HD problem

I have a g750jh and will likely never use the blu ray drive so I bought an optical drive hard disk caddy and have noticed something seriously wrong. When the odd hd caddy is plugged with or without a hard drive the main system cpu loads 1 core at 10...

dfpnw by Level 7
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G750jh- random freeze problem

Hello my gamer friends, I have problem with my new laptop. Two times in google chrome and one time in Football Manager 2014 game the laptop is freezing and i cant even move to mouse cursor and keyboard is not working. Should i take it service or is ...

myzeren by Level 7
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Just ordered my G750JH and have a few questions...

Just ordered a G750JH from Newegg on sale for $2239. After looking around, it seemed like a good price for the specs. As I'm typing this on my Asus W90vp laptop, its almost dead.Anyway... My question is, what is the battery life on the JH under dif...

bri5150 by Level 7
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urgent need expert help

Hi I recently 2 days before purchased Asus G750jx unfortunatey I formats the HDD completely and the recovery partition also be deleted and I have no recovery disc provided with notebook kindly help me to solve the problem I want back the default sett...

Performance issues

So yeah, i have a asus g74Sx that performs like crap all of the sudden, ive had this laptop for around 2-3 years now and its been great but suddenly its been having performance issues. Like before i could run most games at a stable 60FPS, for example...