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My settings for Wave Maxaudio

These are my settings took some time to get right so if anyone is having problems with this use this as a reference;)OR if you have the best sound settings post a pic

Setoku by Level 8
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Clean install on new SSD question

Finally making the switch to a SSD but had a quick question. Since this is my first "gaming laptop" I noticed when you boot the laptop there is the ASUS ROG boot screen, will that still be there if I do a clean install on a new SSD? I kind of like ...

G53SW won't show Ethernet Cable connected ?

I have tried all of the usual techniques ...clean install, uninstalling & reinstalling drivers, but for the life of me I can't get my G53sw to register when I plug an Ethernet cable into it. It has all of the newest drivers installed, I have checked ...

Aston01 by Level 7
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First of the year (urgent)

Well, guys, I guess I'll be the first man ever - please giv an achievement frame to me. My wonderful and powerful G750 JH for $3000 goes black screen and never switches back on again. 3 months old, hopefully warranty still applies, especially that I ...

G750JX-RB71 odd power issue when gaming

Hello everybodyI believe I have an issue that is very odd for a laptop/notebook. I just received it in the mail about 2 days ago and already installed the most up to date driver for the GTX770 and downloaded a couple games. Now the problem is that ...

Help! I don't know where else to look!

Ok, bought this laptop maybe a week ago.I installed and updated the new NVidia drivers to play bf4, cod ghosts, and CoH2.I can't play any games due to them crashing 1 min into gameplay.I tried to factory reset- playing on that driver.Doesn't work, cr...

brswattt by Level 7
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I need some ssd assistance for my g75vw

ok so a little background info. I have a g75vw that originally came with a single 1tb hdd, within the last month i decided I wanted to put an ssd in to the setup so I took the ssd from my macbook and stuck it in the g75, however as i was using it i d...

G750JX-T4059H keyboard

Hello,I have recently bought a new G750JX-T4059H but the keyboard doesn't have backlit. Is this normal or is my keyboard broken?

New G750 Owner - Help With Upgrade/Setup

Hello all, I'm the (hopefully) proud new owner of a G750 JX. Got the TB-71 model with 750GB HD, and 16 GB ram.I also purchased a samsung 840 ssd.So my question is what is the optimal order of getting this thing properly set up?Should I update window...

sonik by Level 7
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AI Recovery Burner

Hello everyone! I'm new here and it's nice to meet all of you.So here's my dilemma, I just purchased a G75VW-DH72 laptop from BestBuy, here's a link to their site that has all the specs. Now this is my first laptop or note...