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CPU fan stuck at full

I just got my G750JW-DB71 on Thursday. The CPU fan has been running full speed every second the machine is running. AC, battery, it's all the same. Anyone heard of this before and know a fix. I upgraded from 207 to 208 BIOS with no change.

psy-q by Level 7
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ASUS G750JW-DB71 Freezing During Normal Use

I bought this notebook from amazon as a gift for my little sister. It seems to be freezing when browsing the internet, watching YouTube videos, or doing school work. Weird thing is that it'll run perfectly during gaming. When frozen, the computer doe...

Soggy by Level 7
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Hard Drive Health

Hey,I was wondering if any one here could take a look at this screenshot and tell me if my HDD is in good health as there are a couple of errors presently at 07, C6 and C8:

G75VW left side USB 3.0 not working

Hello guys...I've searched a lot of forums for my issue but did not find a solution. Maybe someone here can help me. The left USB ports are working properly only with 2.0 devices. If I plug in 3.0 devices such as flashdrives or external HDDs they do ...

paul_bww by Level 7
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G750JX doesn't detect power adapter

I just got my G750JX-TB71 last week and everything seemed fine, but today I plugged it in and it no longer indicates that the adapter is plugged in. No charging light, can't boot with the battery out, nothing. I'm probably going to RMA tomorrow, but ...

G73SW Keyboard backlight not working

It hasn't worked since i got it back from repair about a year ago and really didn't bother me too much. But i was looking at videos on cleaning the fans/radiators on it and noticed on the disassembling video that the cable might be connected incorre...

HDD clicking?

my G750JX came with a 750 gb, 7200 rpm western digital WD7500 HDD. I added an SSD and now use the HDD as a data drive but every now and then, maybe once or twice a day, it makes a clicky, chirping sound as if it were suddenly and rather jerkily parki...

Flea0 by Level 10
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Keyboard problem with my G53SX

hello everyoneI'd rather come on this forum in other circumstances but I unfortunately got a problem on my laptop G53SXMy DC Jack has been damaged and repaired in a computer store, and then I took the opportunity to add an SSD and 4Gb RAMNext, the BI...