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Asus booting SSD issues

Hello guys,Made a post earlier about my stuttering issues on my G750 laptop.Found afew posts on these forums that might indicate that the hard drives supplies by asus are rubbish. I have a SSD from my pc which I've now put inside my G750 and then clo...

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Adam89 by Level 7
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Battery charging stuck at 87%

Hi guys,i bought a new g750jh from and i have a little problem with my battery. Everything runs find accept of this. My battery isn't charging above 87 % . When i unplug it from power it will drain but when i plug the power in i only charge...

z0rn87 by Level 8
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Hi guys, i am about to install SSD to my ROG75VX and I am wondering which is better option while formatting new SSD, MBR or GPT partition before performing clean install of Win 8.1?Please share your opinion regarding pros\cons and Win 8.1 installatio...

skepar by Level 7
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URGENT HELP NEEDED ! Almost going to get a G750JX !

I want to game a lot ! And i have no problems with the price and specs of the JX . Absolutely love it. I'll be using it for college as well .. My question is will I be able to take it to college like 3-4 times a week ? I travel by 2 wheeler and the t...

Thnunderbolt Active ?

Hi.Acquired a LaCie Little Big Disk and can't power it up.Where in the devices list of Win 8 system can I see if thunderbolt is present hardware and driver? Can't seem to find it.I need to see if :- Win device is found- correct driver is installed fo...

abidee by Level 7
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Backlit Keyboard Won't Work After Sleep

I'm having a problem here regarding the backlit keyboard. It is about my backlit keyboard won't work after I turned it on from sleep. Even when I tried fn+f3/f4 the light won't work even the display showed the backlit gauge. But when I restart my lap...

G750JW Missing lots of keystrokes

Title says it all. Just purchased a new G750JW and immediately noticed I was constantly missing keystrokes regardless of typing speed.When I update the driver software for the keyboard in my device manager, it says everything is up to date.Suggestion...

G75vx blutooth interacts with wifi?

Hey peeps. I recently purchased Bluetooth headphones. They working great and everything with only one exception. When I connect headphones to my G75vx My internet connection becomes worse. By worse I mean I can not play anything my ping gets from 15...