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Asus Rog Wifi problem, World of tanks [solved ?]

I bought "Asus ROG G750JX-RB71 Notebook" last week.While I am playing World of Tanks, there is always that problem:While playing the game the problem is not the increasing or decreasing of Ping but it is fixed and so I couldn't see my tank's movement...

Odd noise seemingly coming from hard drive maybe?

I can sometimes hear a faint noise seemingly coming from the hard drive, i don't know how i can describe it...It sounds a bit like a clicky sound, or even kind of like the CD drive when it spins up but a very faint sound like that. PC is running fine...

g750 easliy scratchable

hey guys, i bought g750jh few weeks ago, i use the laptop realy carefully but i have noticed that its getting scratches easily. is there any way to cover the scratches with anything? like special silicon or some kind of black paint?any form of cover...

nazgullz by Level 7
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I got problem with wiindows after installing SSD

Hi guys I clone c drive with samsung app for samsung evo Everything was ok i back to windows i formatet c drive after restart i go to bios i selected ssd for boot But in windows welcome stuck wont go to the windows Even i tried with windows 7 dvd i w...

Rawand by Level 7
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Vent Locations on the Asus g75 and Airflow Questions

Hello everyone, I was resting my computer on a blanket and I was wondering if that would be restricting the incoming or outgoing airflow. I know the outgoing vents are clearly located in the back, but where are the incoming air vents? Thank you in ad...

G75V Backlit keyboard

Hello everyone!Any idea how do I activate this backlit keyboard on?I have no idea how the backlit off by itself.It only appears when it's I just turned on the lappy but there after starting the windows, it goes off.I've tried fn + F3/F4 but it doesn'...

scoppy by Level 7
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New G5 Notebooks

Hi! Does anybody know whether ASUS will release new 15" ROG Notebooks on Haswell processors and new Geforce generation video cards? ASUS has already released 17" G750 Notebooks, but what about 15"?

were3 by Level 7
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L/R Audio channels swapped since this morning [solved]

Hello everyone, I have a problem, and its a ****ty one. Since this morning my audio L/R channels have swapped. IDK why IDK how, but I found out its from the OS not from the drivers and all. I have reinstalled them and no success. I have searched in g...

ggBanks by Level 10
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