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G752 Microphone has weird issues..

Anyone know issues with the Microphone on the G752 series? Or if there's any Microphone issues with Win10 itself?I just recorded a sound that has a steady rise in volume..Yet the Microphone picked nothing up until a certain volume, which was quite lo...

Darnassus by Status Under Review
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Asus ROG today's equivalent of G751JT ?

I purchased a G751JT some time ago and its starting to show some age and wear. I was wondering what the equivalent would be in today's lineup? Id also like thunderbolt 3 as my older laptop had thunderbolt 2. If anyone can point me in the right direct...

Asus G751JY Indicator Problem

Hello, i have an Asus G751JY for over a year now and i am happy with it except for the battery. Now 6 months ago the battery started not to charge to 100% and will only charge to like 88 or 89%, now i know the battery is the fault and that i would ha...

G53SW boot problem with SSD Samsung 840 evo

Hello I installed a Samsung 840 Evo 250GB and install Win8.1 in AHCI mode.The windows boot when it likes and work fine but it show me random error "A disk read error occurred " when restart, and sometimes the ssd doesn't shown on bios and boot list....

Asus G750JZ GTX 880 Not Detected - Error code 10

Hello, My laptop is currently not detecting it's GTX videocard. The intel 4600 is working fine. If I try to install any NVidia drivers for my specific model from Asus website, or Nvidia they will error out. In the device manager I can't se...


G752vs-xb78k LightBar/Keyboard/Screen Issue

Hello Every1 i have bought my laptop after working for ages to afford it, and after using it for a while its simply not worth. This laptop is release in 2016 and until now many problems are fix that were discovered since then.Problem 1:The Keyboard w...

Alikr96 by Level 7
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Where can i find rog laptop warranty date?

Bat Cold Shower Faucet Wall Mounted 304 Stainless steel Rangos is an elegant design with European style with 304 stainless steel material which is extremely durable and safe for users. Washers can rotate 360 ​​degrees so it's extremely handy for kitc...

sage12 by Level 7
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Personal Color Profile for the Chi Mei 173HGE

hi, I’m a photographer, I don’t really like the Chi Mei 173HGE but now I don’t have enough money to change it so I decide to profile the screen with a i1 x-rite profiler, and I just want to share the download the profile just click de link...

25153 25154
loomitz by Level 8
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G751JY Completely Dead, No lights at all.

It started with the laptop going from AC to battery and back again when playing games.Eventually the battery would completely discharge and not even register the DC jack.A few days would pass and it would work again.Now there is NOTHING. No lights a...

Reegs by Level 7
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