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ASUS splendid for night compatibility

Hi there,I'm pretty sure many of you are aware that the screen emits intense blue light and, that at night, exposure to this light causes melatonin (sleeping hormone) to not be made. So a few hours of night gaming could make you not fall asleep for a...

Maxter by Level 9
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Realtek Audio Drivers / Audio Wizard issue

hi,i have serious issues with the sound card drivers. i can't get them to work. i tried every driver version, uninstalling and reinstalling, removing folders, removing the rtkhdaud.dat file from everywhere on C:\.the device manger reports no problems...

Somepony by Level 7
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New SSD for my JW... Now What?

K so, just got a new JW model for the holidays from amazon so its the db71 model with 12gb of ram. obviously the only thing to do is get a SSD for it which I did... I now have a 1TB Samsung 840 EVO, I have seen both suggestions posted here and other ...

ZERO013 by Level 7
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G750jw shutdown issue since win 8.1 updated

Problem solved,thk u very much everybody!i updated all drivers( got a little problem with the bleutooth driver cause i can't install it at first) and enabled the Hibernation, i've kept the fastboot and now everything is ok. hello!my G750jw can't sh...

Quick and general questions - easy help

Hey guys,Here's the thing: I'm a casual gamer and, after backing up some money, I finally decided, after some research, that the Asus ROG G750JX was the best option for me (it really prices out).I'm aiming to play Diablo 3 and some other games (Witch...

OverClocking Asus G51Jx our G51j Help

Hi mates, I wonder if it's possible to overclock my video card in my system G51 JXRecently I bought an SSD disc to increase the performance of my G series.I wonder how I can overclock, while taking into account, the temperatureregarding performance.I...

G75VW Screen Dimming

I hope someone has a solution for this; because its getting annoying.The screen of my G75 gets dim every time that a dark background is displayed. This can be helpful sometimes but when playing in sniper mode the going back to normal HUD it actually ...