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G750 Win 8.1 hanging on Shutdown FIX

Update: The hang was traced to BT, and the good news is it isn't the BT driver per se, it is the BT features that get turned on every time you update the BT driver.I usually disable all of these because I know I don't want them on, but the last time...

hmscott by Level 12
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RED LINE on my G750JW screen

Hello, i recently bought a g750JW and its been like 5 months now, today a thin vertical red line appeard just out of nowhere but, its just on colored pictures, for expample: on the folders window as it is white the red line does not appear, some as w...

cheito3 by Level 7
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Audio Stuttering/Buzzing after install Windows 8.1

I'm having this problem after formatting and already tried everything to solve it but without successmay have been some problem with my speakers?I installed the latest version of the Realtek driver on the website for Windows 8.1I tried to uninstall a...

Skedar by Level 7
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RAM and SSD brand of ROG products

hey guys, might be around, but i want to ask what brand asus use for RAM and SSD's on Asus G750, or instead what brand do you recomend, i was thinking on upgrading my ram with A,data x2 8gb , and maybe also the same brand for SSD, if there is a tread...

Bohound by Level 7
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SSD Upgrade Question

Hey all,I was looking to upgrade my G55VW with a new Samsung 840 Pro SSD ( I had a quick question for those who may know:For this SSD, it supports hardware full disk encryption, but I did not know if my laptop wou...

Trenz by Level 7
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G73JW, SSD upgrade but broken CD-ROM?

G73JW, SSD upgrade but broken CD-ROM?Hey guys, I wanted to upgrade my HDD to an SSD for my main OS but I have a problem. My CD ROM(BD E DS4E1S) is busted, I've tried disassembling, cleaning and reassembling it back. I also tried uninstalling the driv...

750JH - Adding another SSD

My stock JH has the dual 128 SSD's and the 1 TB standard drive. My SSD only has 48Gb free after Win 8.1, Sniper Elite 2, BF3, Left 4 Dead 2, AC4 & Batman Arkham. I deleted the partitions and made the 2 SSD's one larger 217Gb drive. Has anyone rep...

bri5150 by Level 7
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G73JH Hard Drive/SSD Upgrades?

This thing has 1 500gig 5600RPM drive in it..Im looking to upgrade to an SSD Boot Drive, and a 2nd SATA drive for storage.The problem Im running into is.. which ones does this thing support?(I use Newegg and Amazon, nothing else.) Will this thing ho...

G750JW charger...

the cable that comes out of the charger* of my G750jw is a bit loose, not like "in and out*movement " of the charger, like loose sideways. The rigid portion moves 1 mm. It seems little, but this is bothering me a bit. I wonder if this is normal or no...