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[Help] G750JW_Stranger sound with Battery Charger

Hello everyone, I just bought a g750jw-db71 few day ago (fullbox, sealed), and I have a problem with the Battery Charger (Powerbrick?).When it's plugged in, it makes a stranger sound like a kettle when water are going to be boiled. Sometimes this sou...

Edit Factory reset settings of Asus G750JX Model

Hi GuysI had recently purchased Asus G750JX Model, the problem I am facing is that whenever I reset my OS to factory reset settings I found the softwares which I dont like Macfee antivirus, adobe reader9, etc. Now I want to edit my factory reset sett...

How is this possible????

This guy scored P8106 on 3dmark11 with gtx 765m and i7 4700HQ same specs as mine in my g750! i barely score half of that..can someone tell me how is this possible? hmscott if you are out there somewhere ^_^ i want to know whats your take on this ht...

kingkaan by Level 7
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G74SX BBK11 Problem

Not sure if this is the right place to ask this but hey, I am new here.I have a G74SX BBK11 that I am getting ready to upgrade. I recently took it apart to clean it out, no problem. Put back together, no problem. Boots up like it did before. I had tw...

eektjk by Level 7
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External monitor for the G75VX

Hello,I want to buy an external monitor for my G75VX.I am seriously considering this only concern is that it has not an HDMI.However it has:1 Digital Visual Interface connecto...

G750JW Graphics performance issue, low fps...

I have the G750JW with the GTX 765M. When i first played some games they ran great on high settings. Then after awhile i noticed the same game not performing as well. I cannot seem to figure out why, my nvidia drivers are up to date and i have it swi...

Wifi problems... weak

Hey guys,just noticed today, that my Wifi just got worse.... The signal is 99% and im right next to the router and getting very slow/poor speed tests on this computer. I have done same tests on 2 others with a noticeably different results of this G55...

G75VX monitor and KB issues

G75VX issues (monitor and backlights)I'll get straight to the chase. I bought this from Newegg as a referbed model. I've owned this for about 4 months, loving everything about it except for two things.Keyboard: I have no backlights on my keyboard or ...

windows 8.1 , Recovery Disk for asus G75VX - BHI7N11 ?

Hi everybody , I am trying to backup my system recovery ( The one that is in the hard drive partition ) , ASUS customer service told me that they do not sell recovery Cds , right now I have WINDOWS 8.1 , 64 bits , ( originally was Windows 8 ) i...

hanster by Level 7
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