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G752VY Speaker crackling and popping

I have the (seemingly common) crackling and/or popping sound (edited to add buzzing, which is probably more accurate) problem on my G752VY. I have searched the net for common solutions and can't seem to resolve this. It's not end of the world and j...

Asus G75VW - Black screen on boot up

I just got myself an Asus G75VW. I'm really happy with this one. But today when I woke up, I turned on my computer as I usually do when I wake up, and then there is just a black screen when the computer is booting up. Even the ROG logo doesn't show u...

Espenh by Level 7
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G752VS . won´t recognize new SSD (Evo 860 M2)

Dear all,yesterday i bought and installed a new M2 SSD - The Samsung Evo 860 SATA M2.Unfortunately, it´s not being recognized in BIOS and not in Windows. Is this SSD not compatible with the G752VS?Many thanks

Groove by Level 7
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G75VW 670M replacement with G75VX 670M?

After six years my G75VW has finally bit the dust. The graphics card went down. The prices on Ebay for 670M for the G75VW are more than double what they are for the G75VX 670M. Are these two compatible? The part numbers are different but I wasn't su...

Latest G75VX drivers for Win10 ?

Hey guys!Is there any guide about this?Just upgraded my ol' g75vx with a brand new SSD and was wandering which drivers you recommend for win10.Since there is no updates on the official page, is there any worth of installing? (aka ATK, USB, etc..)Than...

korgan by Level 7
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G73 GPU Upgraders, need your assistance

For those that upgraded their G73's to GTX 670/680/770m, can you share your bios and vbios?My hope is to put an 860m in my G73JH . I have been pouring through documentation and tutorials and picked up an SPI programmer as well as some spare bios ch...

Best way to add more USB 3.0 slots to G703GI ?

Hello all,FIrst off I gotta shout out that I love My G703GI Chimera!!!! It Rocks! ahem, I came here to ask what are my best options for expanding my USB 3.0 slots. I have run into an issue.... I Use a Rift VR headset, and I plan on eventually getting...

G750 - Screen not detected anymore ?

So I've had this problem for a few days now : my laptop screen doesn't seem to be detected anymore.The laptop boots and runs normally but the only screen it recognizes (and seems to consider as main screen) is an external one (on the vga plug). Even ...

TiWings by Level 7
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