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Upgrading my ASUS G75VW need some help.

Hi guys I'm looking to install a SSD in my G75VW, now I have installed hundreds off hard drives before but this will be my first SSD drive. I would like to know if I have to change anything in the BIOS ? Also if anyone has any tips to help with my in...

G75VX from NewEgg, Windows 8 revoked?

Alright, so I picked up my G75VX a while back (4 months or so) ago on NewEgg, refurbished by ASUS themselves. I installed an SSD inside of and and wanted to just do a clean install of windows 8 onto the machine. I did a clean install of Windows 8 fro...

Laptop pad for the G750JX

Hello everyone! Just took a plunge on the JX from Best Buy, should be here in the next few days. In the meantime, I'm looking for a lap desk that would fit the G750 - any recommendations? I don't need any build-in fans, just looking for a pretty simp...

polbit by Level 7
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I goofed 750JX help

Well in a drunken stupor I messed up. I tried to switch my HDD over to a SSD and in the process I messed up some of the screws and housing for the hard drives. Any easy way to fix or replace them? Would some stores have replacement? Or would I need t...

Best way to update BIOS

Was just wondering what's the best way to update my laptops Bios ?Last time I did it I used the ASUS flash in windows and it blue screened my laptop.

Help needed in restoring:Urgent

Hello guys,I have an ASUS G73SW which has got 2 500GB drives in which I have 2 partitions in each.I want to restore the laptop's OS to the factory settings using the recovery utility [F9] without losing any data on the partions except the C drive.Ho...

Two Minor Things for G750JH

Firstly, some unboxings of this model has a cloth screen protector and some do not. Mine did not come with one.Secondly when you have the file explorer open and right click on any of the drive tabs on the left, the screen blue screens for 1 second an...

OC'ing on my Asus G750-JW

Hey guys, I've been messing with some OC's and I seem to have a nice stable one for my GPU, which is 0997/0881/5500 and the GPU has stayed very cool with no issues.Mainly I was wondering about OC'ing the CPU. I have one profile where changed Dynamic ...

euthqt by Level 7
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G73Jh not booting

I own a standard G73Jh with only RAM upgrade to 10 GB. Recently, I've been having alot of problems with it. Firstly, with the processor overheating and secondly with the flickering, horizontal lines, dead pixels and even messed up colors of the displ...

c4an1d3 by Level 7
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my Display have problem or not ?!

i got my 2nd g75vw after 1st one failed with Black screen Error and Bios issue.i didn't had any chance to check my first G75! it fails so fast! during installing windows! and changing bios options.i wonder if all G75vw's Screens are to grainy like mi...