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G750 change wirless adapter

hey, my model G750JH and i have killer wirless N-1202 (2ghz and 5ghz) , i see on internet another model of G750 have AC wirless adapter, me i can change ? what model of wirless adaptaer u have on G750 (if u have AC adapter) tanx!

ebin_os by Level 7
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G750JX NVidia 770m driver R331 whoops.

I updated to R331, but I forgot to backup my INF file and retain my specific customised Asus installation. Does anyone have a copy of the INF file and how to inject it back to where it's meant to be?Does anyone know what the INF file fixes by the way...

Darnassus by Status Under Review
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Sentelic pad fixed! No smash required!

I finnally found a fix for my touchpad and possibly all of ours.1 Uninstall Sentelic driver2 Uninstall ATK pack3 Restart4 Go to Asus Driver Download get ATK Pack for UX21E Notebook Its ATK 1.000205 Restart6 Install Sentelic Restart8 Enjoy l...

Aphilli4 by Level 7
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ASUS G75V display problems

HiI recently bought an asus g75v without warranty ...and I have a problem with it to start windows 8.1 all fine and well off a good color. but when make the log in it totally changes and I see everything wrong Looks like I can see the pixels of the i...

32034 32035
revolt by Level 7
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Possible to Upgrade GPU for G74SX

hey guys,Very quick one.I was wondering if it is possible to upgrade the 560m in my G74SX. If so, is it easy to do myself? Not overly technical but have built a computer before.cheers

nnank76 by Level 7
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Asus g750 nh71?

Can any ASUS employee confirm that there is in fact a NH71 G750? I've looked on and there is no information on it. The only website I could find that has it is NewEgg. someon...

Multiple BSODs

My G750JX has been playing up since day 1 (2 months ago), I had it sent into RMA where all they did was factory reset without checking my logs etc. I recently got it back and the errors have been returning. The main issue is I am unable to pin point ...

I don't want special color profiles

How do I stop my G750 from automatically loading a color profile upon startup? Because it isn't a good looking color setting. It reduces contrast, especially noticeable in black areas. Black areas on the screen are not black, and have some green pixe...

Yakov by Level 7
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So much lag

Ok here we go.I got a g46 every game lags and I'm plugged in to my charger. On just cause 2 I have to use the lowest setting possible and I get 40-60 fps. Did I pay money for this? Or is it just my laptop? Every other game lags too. Some are unplayab...