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Stock driver for G750JX

.. what is the stock driver? I am just having too many problems.I don't get black lines on browsing anymore, but still inside games.I deeply regret upgrading to latest driver when I don't really need to. :cOr rather, the best driver everyone's aware ...

Darnassus by Status Under Review
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Partitioned Disks (G750JX)

Gah I hate partitioned disks, especially when it's a drive as small as a 256GB SSD. Anyone know how I can get rid of the partition without losing any data? The most safest way?Also, if I do a reinstall with the 16 GB usb, will the partitions come bac...

Darnassus by Status Under Review
  • 13 replies
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My g750jx issue

Hi!I just got an g750jx and ran a benchmark test but its performing a lot worse than other g750jx users. I ran this test here and got 500+ on fire strike but i have seen others get 3000+ (non oc). Is it a defect on m...

PigHead by Level 7
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Witcher 2 Settings on G750JW

Hi, i have been using my g750 for a while. i upgraded the ram up to 24gb and installed a ssd. But when i tried to play witcher 2 on high or ultra settings (ubersampling closed) i could not get a good framerate. Has anybody played witcher 2 on g750? C...

Mkadi by Level 7
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volume keys not working with win 7

hi guys, be easy on me, its my first day with asus, just switched from dell, im experiencing this problem with the volume keys...actually none of my fn+f keys work..also, there's a speaker on the bottom of the lappy which doesnt work (or i dont hear...

biancanm by Level 7
  • 10 replies
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G74: Win 8.1 Pro, Optical Drive won't read DVD

FIXED... See Post #6Hey, wondering if anyone else has had this issue. Was working great on Win 7. Tried to read a DVD today, and it doesn't recognize a DVD.Saw other threads about modifying registry but mine seem to look ok, didn't find any high/low ...


I need help with configuring my new HDD

Hi there I recently bought a new SSHD for my G750JX to supplement the cramped 750GB single HDD that was already included in the laptop. After installing the SSHD into the second drive bay, the BIOS detected the SATA port and I was able to assign a dr...

D_MaULeR by Level 7
  • 15 replies
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Asus G750JW Screen issue

Hello!Just got my G750JW from Ebay today and seems like screen is not working right...Looks like the light from the inside of display lights outside somehow and makes everything really ugly...I am trying to ignore it but it gets really annoying and f...

Low fps while playing games [G750J]

Hello! I've had some difficulties when playing some games after I purchased this new computer.The fps is always low even tho I play on high performance.When I play CS:GO with 1920x1080 and everything on low I get 30 fps, so I have to play with 1600x9...

Daspower by Level 7
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