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How hot is good for G750JX ?

Hi all,I just buy new Asus G750JX about 2 months for gaming. When I'm playing Starcraft 2 (max settings), the medium temp (CPU) is about 77oC, maximum temp sometimes reaches to 85 - 90. Another game will reach to 70oC. I don't know is that good for m...

sinhit by Level 7
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G75VW with 75 to 80c GPU heat, is that okay?

Is that okay when I'm playing a simple game like Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft? Card game. :confused:Also few days ago, I was up really late and my laptop starting to give me electric shock and I was maybe just a bit clammy on my hands, but it didn...

joyfulPo by Level 8
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Does my G750JX have an mSATA slot?

I see people mentioning mSATA SSDs equipped in their laptops?where is the mSATA slots?My laptop came with a 256 GB SSD + 1 TB 5400 RPM HDDI have an mSATA SSD where can I put it? please guide me where is the slot with an image or video

Nehmia by Level 9
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BestBuy G750JW

Best buy has just put the G750JW on their website, and I was wondering why is it cheaper than most places.Best Buy version is the G750JW-BBI7N05 model, while most places have the G750JW-DB71.One thing I have noticed comparing specs is that BB's one c...

Just looking for some rubber feet for G74SX

As the title says, I purchased a used G74SX from a third party, works great and I've been super happy with it, but it has no rubber feet! It slides a bit when I try to type sometimes at a certain angle or while playing games. Am I going to have to ge...

G74SX Burning smoking Help!

HI there i have G74sx laptop was playing dota2 on the latest drivers... i only updated today as well.. may have caused the problem .. i was playing dota2 and after like 30 min into the game i smelt a burning smell.. couldn't see smoke but smelt like...

Dan_kn by Level 7
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My weird G750Jx problem

So I installed Windows 8.1 on my Sandisk SSD and I have this problem.When plugged in, starting is not a problem at all. The system boots in like 4 secondsWhen unplugged, it doesn't start or login and I get errors like winlogon exe errors and other st...

750 JH HDD Klick sound

Hi!I am using G750JH-T4050H and I installed a SSD drive to run the system and the 750gb SATA drive is just for storage.SATA Drve makes these KLANK sounds like the reading head would retract to rest position and then come right back in the middle of ...

TeURaS by Level 7
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