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G75VW Laptop Plastic/Material Peeling

Hello,I'm having a peeling problem with my Asus laptop. (The pictures are depicted below.) There doesn't seem to be any kind of glue or chemicals holding them together. Both surfaces are smooth and clean. I have no idea how they are held together...

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rbtlong by Level 7
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G53SW A1 - Heat tolerance

Just a quick question on heating issues, is it normal for the cpu to heat to 85 deg C understress like playing BF4? I have dedicated coolermaster fans underneath the laptop with clearance for good flow underneath and behind the laptop so its getting ...

[HELP] ASUS G750J Wireless Adapter stopped working

First of all, my adapter is Qualcomm Atheros AR9485WB-EG.Short StoryMy adapter stopped working; sometimes it works perfectly and out of a sudden it stops working (the 10+ wi-fi signals are reduced to "No signal found"). I've updated the drivers and n...

YORGOS by Level 7
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ASUS G750JX RAID0 issue

Hello guys,I own a G750JX and decided to do the following:- removed the default Hitachi 750 GB SATA2 HDD.- removed the bluray Combo.- the default LITEON SSD - 256 GB was inserted into the Bluray Bay using a HDD caddy.- on the 2 remaining S-ATA slots ...

List of bloatware and drivers

When I first purchased my G75 in Sept of 2012 I had found here a list of the bloatware to uninstall and which specific drivers to do away with. I just did a factory restore on my notebook and I in the process of resetting it up. Alas, I cant find th...

G46VW mSata Update complete

ROG users,I am writing about my successful ssd upgrade on my g46. The details are below for a bread crumb for future upgrades. Since I didn't have the win 8 install disks and thought that the os install didn't have much junk on it I moved it the the ...

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Picked up Crysis, getting screen tearing. :c

Me again, I have a Chi Mei screen770m NVidia ( DRIVER VERSION: 311.82 )Playing Crysis on ... MAXIMUM SETTINGS! (lol)And I get horizontal screen tearing.Is there a way to fix this? Or is this Chi Mei again / Nvidia driver?Any thoughts / recommendation...

Darnassus by Status Under Review
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Windows 8.1 updated not going well...

The update is making my CPU throttle games that were not being throttled previously.... is there anyway i can make this stop? It is giving me massive FPS drops in game making the games unplayable..

How do you play 3D movies on G750JX?

I have downloaded several 3D movies that I would like to watch on my laptop.First I turn on Stereoscopic 3D in the NVidia Control panel. When I try to play the movies, I see either two pictures side by side or two pictures one on the top and one of t...