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nVIDIA GeForce Drive 332.21

Can someone confirm if these work well on your 3D Screen laptop? Not the people with the normal screen please we know they will work for the normal screensDownload nVIDIA GeForce Drivers 332.31 for Laptops x64 This new 332.21 WHQL driver introduces a...

Nehmia by Level 9
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G750jh Please HELP!!!

Hi allI have only just bought a new G750jh ROG edition laptop. Tried Windows 8 and thought I may like it more with Windows 8.1 so I updated through the app store.After installation I tried to restore my laptop to original factory state but had loads...

Roetsy by Level 7
  • 2 replies
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G75VW GPU Temperature?

Hello all,I've had my G75VW for 1½ or so, always cleaned the fans as advised.Currently I'm in a few betas for newer games, struck me suddenly getting 6-7 fps.Also the fan is more audible when idle than it used to be, I just checked the temps for the ...

Ramsy by Level 7
  • 6 replies
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G750JH Video lagging problem!! [solved?]

hello,i recently purchesed the G750JH model. i have it for a week now.i really amazed by the force of this beast!! i have windows 8.1. the problem is i have with the system is Video problems. after playing movies, even if it's in games' websites or e...

AP_ReVo by Level 7
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G75VW "random" reboot solved?

I was struggling with my g75 rebooting. At first it seemed random (browsing, gaming, idle) but lately i could reproduce it with running any game i have atm (SC2, LoL, DiabloIII). I tried everything. Old drivers, new drivers, stress tests, old drivers...

Drecken by Level 7
  • 3 replies
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After installing all updates..cannot open services.msc

This is the 2nd time I format and get this error I am gutted!After formatting, installing Windows 7 SP1 Professional (from a genuine MS DVD by the way), I then configure all my settings, folders, etc. then d all Windows updates which takes about anot...

Nehmia by Level 9
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Stuck to 800mhz once I launch a game [solved?]

Hey.I have a very strange problem with my G750JX: Every time I click on a game's window, the processor goes from 3.2ghz to 800mhz So every game gets laggy of course :(.Before that, everything was ok.I tried to install/unistall everything...I tested i...

dboris by Level 7
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Unable to restore G73jh

I recently got a new computer and decided I would just restore my G73 back to factory and use it in our living room to replace an even older machine. I attempted to run the recovery, using the disks i created. The first time I attempted, i got the ...

droff75 by Level 7
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Number of USB Controllers on G750JX

Hi guys! I'm torn between an Alienware 17 and a G750JX. I currently own an Asus K52Jr, and it's been a very good experience so far, so I'm kind of leaning towards the G750JX. But I was wondering how many USB Controllers it has. I know it has 3 (or 4)...