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ROG 703 GI Ssd Raid Issue

in my laptop ROG 703 GI originaly there are 2 ssd 256 gb i will install 2 SAMSUNG EVO 970 512 gb but ther are not regonized as bootable raid SSD !!!what can i dothanks for answer clementPS excuse for my bad english !!!!!!

Asus ROG G752vy problem with motherboard

Hello everybody, I have problem with my Asus.The computer does not start. When the power supply is connected, the power LED is off. Power button doesn`t work. HDD is not working, the fan is not working. Nothing works.The Service has found a defect on...

G75VW Reboots and turns off ***MAYBE SOLVED***

Hi People!I'm posting this because I've been suffering with my G75. I clarify that my English is not very good, so if someone does not understand something I can try to explain it another way :p.I bought a G75VW-DS72 in January 2013, a few months lat...

FerGxxx by Level 7
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ROG G771JW Serial Number Gone

Hello Folks,Nowadays I'm keen on enabling NVMe M.2 support for my G771 I tried many methods but all sucks after all things I tried, my journey ended with a unsucceed result. Then I wanted to return to the stock bios so I flash my bios with stock 211 ...

78148 78149

G752 - non-removable battery !!!

Hello everybody,I am going to buy a G752, but as I google it , it has no option to replace battery!! but how to change the battery in case of any problem since the battery will die after 3-4 years !is that worth to buy it ?

G752 vs G703 worth it?

Got a G752VS with a 6700HK and a GTX1070 8GBTempted to go up to a G703GI with the 8950HK and GTX1080 8GBBoth have 32GB Ram.Anyhow, does anyone know if there's any issues or problems the G703 seems to have? Does it stay cool under load given the cooli...

Darnassus by Status Under Review
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Accidentally Uninstalled G752 IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers

So, I Accidentally Uninstalled my IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers of my ROG G752. I did the add Legacy Hardware but couldn't find the driver installer anywhere. I did all the fix that I could find including updates, RST Updated, Windows Updated, and Update...

ASUS ROG G750JX Mini DP supports 240hz?

Hi guys!I have question about my G750JX with 770m GPU. Does my MiniDP support 240hz? I'm thinking about to buy monitor with 240hz support to play CS:GO, but I couldn't find any information about that from google Best regards,Tanel