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Microphone buzzing sounds when on High Performance

Hi, this problem has always been a bother for me and my friends. Basically, even when watching YouTube my friends cry about hearing a buzzing noise. It's always been a joke that the transistors are the cause between us but I'm sure that's not the cas...

Trackpad and Random Minimizing While in Game

Need Help with G75VX ROG Gaming LaptopI'm not much of a techy guy when it comes to computers.... sorry.I have recently obtained this new laptop for Best Buy and it is acting up in multiple ways. Not sure why, but it might be related to software. When...


I desperately need a new heatsink for my newly purchased 670mx. If anyone can direct me to one, or someone who is selling one, PLEASE PLEAS PLEASEEEEEE HELPPP. Haha.


Hi!Anyone knows where can I get this wallpaper in full hd resolution?Thanks!

AAndrei by Level 8
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Flickering Colored Pixels Moving Around My Screen

Hello,I own an Asus G750JW and has worked flawlessly for the last couple of months. Today I was doing some coding and noticed these multi-colored pixels on my screen, moving around. I instantly assumed it was an issue with my external display. Whe...

G750JX black screen, pls help

I was on my windows 7 everything working perfectly... Then I thought let me give win 8.1 another try, o I removed the backpanel then unscrewed the 3 screws for my 2nd hdd and kept the ssd in its placeThen I turned on the laptop but nothing happened, ...

Nehmia by Level 9
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hybrid hdd on G750JH-T4060H

Hello everyone. I looked a lot but I have not been able to find out the answer. Just bought a G750JH-T4060H and waiting for delivery. In the tech specs it says it has a 750gb 5400rpm HYBRID hdd. What does the hybrid mean, is there some 16 or 32 GB of...

Hard drive upgrade and HDD caddy - 1TB Samsung 840 EVO SSD

I bought the Asus G750JX 3D version a while ago but I my laptop drives are always filled up. I have the 256GB SSD and a 1TB 5400rpm one, neither of these have more than a few gigabytes of space left.I was thinking about purchasing the Samsung 840 EVO...

RogBo by Level 7
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2 questions/problems

i got an g750jh, any idea how to clean the screen? i used the fluid you use on glasses, but it keeps up some water marks on the screen(i see the marks when the screen is off)another problem,when i unplug the laptop and watch a movie on my bed or just...