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G75 Audio Issues [solved]

Hello all, I understand this topic has been posted a million times but I still cannot resolve the problem. I recently bought my G75 on ebay and it came with a 'fresh install' of windows 8. everything is fine except: the common subwoofer won't work pr...

G750JH Max GPU (gtx780m) temperature advice, please.

Hi!i've just bought the g750jh and while playing some games on ultra settings I got around 76-78ºC, once up to 80ºC. Should I be worried about it? If not, what is the maximum temperature I could get?I'm not an expert on this, so any help would be MOR...

Olomez by Level 7
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need to buy windows pro, which one?

I have just bought the Asus g750jx-db71. Almost bought an Alienware because it comes with windows 7! I do have Mx14 alienware laptop but I think the mobo is broken where the power cord plugs in. I am hoping to fix it.Unfortunately I ordered without r...

smaky by Level 7
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Replacing dual mSATAs in G750JH-DB71 possible?

Has any US-based G750JH-DB71 owner or reseller swapped out the stock raided dual 128GB mSATA drives with a standard 2.5" drive? If so, did you have to obtain another drive bracket from Asus for the bay? The proprietary mSATA board didn't appear to be...

Ninjak by Level 7
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Fresh Windows Install on my G750J

Hello All, I'm trying to do a fresh install of windows because I can't get past the boot screen (something is corrupted I think), but when I tell it to boot to the DVD via the bios, it won't go into the screen that lets me format and install. It jus...

Call of Duty always ferky

Hi, my ASUS G750JH-T4080H really disapoints me. My kids use gaming computer which are 5 jears old and there grafic works very smoot and without interuptions. While my super Notebook performs very poor!I first thought it might be related to the WIFI, ...

SHDZ by Level 7
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G73jw Thermal Sensors

Can someone with a G73jw (preferably a 3DE model) run SIV64X and HWiNFO32 and post the corresponding thermal sensor screens? I believe the sensors are labeled something like 'THR(0|1)(L|R)', at least in SIV64X.Thx in advance.

G51JX-X3 Upgrade

Hi! I was wondering if the G51JX can be upgraded to the following:CPU: i5560m or i7-840QM or higherGPU: 460m,560m or higherRAM: 8GBCurrent Specs: for your help!- Jason

jm764 by Level 7
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