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G75 audio question

So instead of having music blast in my room using my bluetooth stereo while i'm in the living room on Sephiroth (that's what I named mine) I decided to use my new aux cable and plug my iTouch 5 iOS7 into the headphone jack. No sound. So I plugged i...

Sleeves for G75??? (17.3'')

TL;DR: 17.3'' sleeves won't fit G75, looking for sleeves that will.Hi everybody!It's been a while since I've been here.When I bought my G75VX I was sad to see that it didn't come with a backpack, like some other models. I have since then thought abou...

BuLaXa by Level 7
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Remove DVD drive

Thinking of tinkeringI wont ever use the DVD drive, can't think of why I'd use it so thinking of removing it.If I do, will the side cover stay as is or do i need a blanking piece?Is access going to be a difficult? Was looking at a teardown of the 75 ...

noone by Level 8
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suspicious site warning

just got this message from google when trying to access the site"Safe BrowsingDiagnostic page for rog.asus.comWhat is the current listing status for is listed as suspicious - visiting this web site may harm your computer.Part of thi...

randomly wakes up from sleep

Hi,My 750 keeps waking up randomly hours from the sleep. İ tried to solve this problem even i installed clean 8.1(from 8).But problem still remains. While i sleep at night its waking up then after 5-10 seconds going to sleep again. When i a look...

tugrul by Level 7
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I messed up my recovery process

hi i wanted to downgrade so i did reset to win 8.1 to 8. Things went smooth until i didn't notice i have turned up my charger. The process was halfway through and my laptop turned off when i came back to reset option it gave me a message that my rec...

COM & LPT Missing?! G75VX

I posted this elsewhere, but not really sure where it goes. But now I think this is the best place for it!COM & LPT Missing?! G75VXI am trying to restore the stock kernel to my phone, but one of the steps is that I have to change the port settings o...

G750 DVD Drive replacement

Sorry I didnt use the right search terms! Ive now found a few products, SO allow me to use this thread to instead, list my findings, experience, and ask others opinions and experience I found this one that is 'designed' for the g750, however $40 is ...

G750 with 800M Series GPU in April??

Just came across these upcoming models from Internet. Apparently Amazon.UK expects ASUS release these in April, not sure how accurate LOL.G750JZG750JSG750JMAnyway, those of you who are in the market to get a new gaming laptop like me can consider.