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Asus g74 sx bios update pc wont boot anymore..

Hello, everyone, i have a big problem my computer don't recognize my nvida graphic card we are talking of a laptop so is integrated, i download bios from asus website the latest one 203 and goes to easy flash on BIOS flash everything goes ok, compute...

Power Problems ?

I've had my G73SW for 2 1/2 years now - very happy with it .I have it as a desktop replacement - always plugged into mains electricity , and same battery always at approx95% charged .Sometimes I get a sudden black screen - for a second or 2 - neve...

aviwil by Level 8
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G75 audio question

So instead of having music blast in my room using my bluetooth stereo while i'm in the living room on Sephiroth (that's what I named mine) I decided to use my new aux cable and plug my iTouch 5 iOS7 into the headphone jack. No sound. So I plugged i...

Sleeves for G75??? (17.3'')

TL;DR: 17.3'' sleeves won't fit G75, looking for sleeves that will.Hi everybody!It's been a while since I've been here.When I bought my G75VX I was sad to see that it didn't come with a backpack, like some other models. I have since then thought abou...

BuLaXa by Level 7
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Remove DVD drive

Thinking of tinkeringI wont ever use the DVD drive, can't think of why I'd use it so thinking of removing it.If I do, will the side cover stay as is or do i need a blanking piece?Is access going to be a difficult? Was looking at a teardown of the 75 ...

noone by Level 8
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suspicious site warning

just got this message from google when trying to access the site"Safe BrowsingDiagnostic page for rog.asus.comWhat is the current listing status for is listed as suspicious - visiting this web site may harm your computer.Part of thi...

randomly wakes up from sleep

Hi,My 750 keeps waking up randomly hours from the sleep. İ tried to solve this problem even i installed clean 8.1(from 8).But problem still remains. While i sleep at night its waking up then after 5-10 seconds going to sleep again. When i a look...

tugrul by Level 7
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I messed up my recovery process

hi i wanted to downgrade so i did reset to win 8.1 to 8. Things went smooth until i didn't notice i have turned up my charger. The process was halfway through and my laptop turned off when i came back to reset option it gave me a message that my rec...