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Asus Support

Hi, I'm the unhappy owner of an Asus G75vx.Is the Asus support always completely useless?I sent a message to Asus support because I'm new to Asus and windows 8 (currently typing this on my old but reliable Toshibanotebook with windows 7) asking how t...

Normiex by Level 7
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G53SW-XA2 CPU upgrade - compatibility

Hi Guys,After almost 3 years of using the G53 time has come to disassemble, clean and repaste and I thought that maybe I should also upgrade the CPU. As currently I have i5-2410M on board my choice went to i7-2630QM but I would like to ask you for th...

mr_bnl by Level 7
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BSoD After upgrading Ram

Hy there ... G750jh Was running fine ... Then i have upgraded the Ram with one 8GB Kingston KVR16LS11/8 (1600Mhz 1,35V) Then i got Bsods like every 6 Hours.... Then i have removed the Kingston Stick ... Bsod is gone ... What do you suggest replace ...

Phoeny by Level 8
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G750JX or G750JH?

I was looking at the G750JX and saw it had a 5400rpm HDD. I'm wondering what will be the difference vs 7200rpm even though it comes with an SSD. Also, The reason why I probably won't get the JH model is because of the wireless card problems that I've...

G750JW High temps

Hello,I have really high temps on my stock G750JW (virgin). I bought it on Best Buy on 2/1/2014.I haven't touched the hardware at all. I used Intel Burn Test to get the temps.Is this normal? in the factory specs?

man40 by Level 7
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Led Visualizer not ready :(

friendsi have g750JX-CV069P its equipped with GTX770M, whenever i open my NGE it shows me that SHADOW and LED VISUALIZER is not ready and when i check it system requirement it shows me GTX700 and above but they are not ready. Please tell me what are ...

Asus g55vw black screen after please help me here

it only happens when i restart the laptop.. But if i do a shutdown and power on the laptop it works normally for like 7 sec boot time only i already see the startup logon screen.. Btw im using windows 8.1 prowhen i restart a laptop it takes like 30 s...

patleyn by Level 7
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Problems with a 1-year old g55v

Problems with a 1-year old g55v All of a sudden my computer cant shutdown itself, it is stuck on shutting down computer screen for 10+ hours And My cd Drive keeps spinning up and getting very noisy then cools down and does it again whenver ther...

Highest Memory Clock on Nvidia GTX 765M?

Hey All,Newbie here, but I have been experimenting a bit with my new G750JW, I have managed to overclock the CPU no issues at all, and been playing with the GPU a bit too, I have it running stable at stock voltage,997/6308 and getting about 107fps on...