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Nvidia Driver & Overclocking help! (G750JX)

I installed the Nvidia Geforce Experience and it helps to auto update.However, I noticed that the latest driver I have is 311.83. From the main Nvidia website, the latest driver for gtx770m is v320.Why doesn't the laptop update to v320? Is G750jx goi...

Ronteque by Level 7
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Which of these SSD's would you recommend for the g46vw guys for an...

Avinrog by Level 7
  • 2 replies
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Wireless speeds with G750JX

Zeroing in on picking up one of these, before I do I'd like some input from folks that may have connected one via wireless to a high speed ISP. My current Ideapad (2nd gen i7) only gets 20Mmbs up/down with Intel wireless on my Fios 75/35 service. I'...

Lux55 by Level 7
  • 5 replies
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Question about G750jx/h Hard-drive slots

I have seen quite a lot of various different models and I was wondering if all of the models come with the 2 sata slots even if they only come with one hard drive? Also if there are 2 useable slots on all models, would it come with the drive brackets...

When is the new 2014 G750 expected to release?

After some research, i just make a decision that i'm going for the Asus G750 series over other brands.I just about to buy G750JW, but i just heard about the newer version of the G750 with future GPU series.So , i just wondering that when will the G75...

tlejiva by Level 7
  • 7 replies
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G750JW XTU not starting/working

To put it simply, I cannot get this thing to work. Last month, I was able to physically get it to start, but the UI was pretty much blank with no tuning options. Just the menu on the left. How? I've no idea. After trying for awhile, I gave up. R...

Asus g75vx driver?

when i troubleshooted my computer it said bcm20702a0 doesn't have a driver i tried having it look for it but it found nothing

Vizard by Level 7
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WiFi and wired connectivity question

Hello everyone, I am having some sort of a strange problem, that no one seems to be able to help me with ( internet provider technicians anyway ) I have lag spikes when I play games and very slow internet on and off ( part time problem ). When I go o...