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G750jh 2 x 128gb ssd's

I have just received this laptop and was concerned to find one of my 128gb ssd's was only showing 95gb with 52gb available...this is the c other 128gb drive shows 121gb with 121gb available...have i got a lemon or is this correct...hope som...

mintys1 by Level 7
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SSD Samsung EVO question and RAM related on g750

Hello everyone, i am an old Dell fanboy (never had any other laptop) but this timei am glad to be here. After 2 days of furious reading (i think i got it all covered at least on this part of the forum)i have decided to buy a G750JW. I know all i need...

mugur by Level 7
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Thunderbolt Transfering?

i have a iMac and a macbook pro which has thunderbolt port, and in my g750jx also, when i went to the shop to buy a thunderbolt to thunderbolt cable the shopkeeper asked me to make sure the port is same and can it be connected to mac with asus or not...

Mouse Problem - Spinning in First person shooters

Asus G75V: Does not matter which mouse I use. I have tried a number of different ones and tried to use different mouse pads. Basically I will be playing the game (BF4) and I will randomly start spinning and will not stop unless I interupt with anot...

gearbow by Level 7
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ASUS G750 in Dubai?

I''ll be visiting Dubai soon so I'm wondering which is the best place to get a G750. I'm looking into getting a G750JX but if there's any other models that I see I might switch. Do any of you know which shops sell them and what the pricing is roughly...

Regarding clean windows 8 install

Hi guys,Previously i upgrade my g750jx windows 8 to W8 pro. Now i want to do a clean install and use my ssd as OS drive. But i cant do a clean install, it said drive is lock or cant find drive partitionHope i can get some advise, thanks

PROblem with AI Recovery

Hey , when i'm trying to recofery with DVD that i have burner beforeit's show this messag after clicking ok it's rebotingwhat it the solution please


Laptop powering off by itself..

Hello everyone, My rog laptop is 4 months old, and twice now while using it it shut down completely, just like if there was a power outage. I keep my laptop plugged and the battery out seeing I rarely have to go out with it. Long story short, was won...