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G75VX Upgrade Possibility

I have had this model for a little over three months now. Massive upgrade from my Acer Aspire that had a AMD dual core processor at 1.75 MHz.I am totally loving this thing! I've recently come across extra 1K. Definitely going to upgrade some parts.I ...

KohDuh by Level 7
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Hello,I bought a Asus ROG G750JX last week, but now since 3 days i get like 2 times a day a BSOD while gaming.KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLEDSadly i really have no idea how i can figure out the dump files, so i was hoping maybe somebody could help me wit...

G75V -670M - random Poweroffs- Found Something that helps me

I too suffer from the complete power off and reboots that others have here. Particularly in graphic intensive situations (games etc).I've tried multiple things including 1) Bios Energy saver setting (suggested on the thread above Labelled "Solved" . ...

bainin by Level 7
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Question about Plastic Flap on Asus G750JW

Hallo fellow Asus Owners,I recently bought an Asus G750JW and have just joined the forum.I hope I can post a few questions about my new machine ...Most pressing - I noticed that the plastic flap below the screen on the left of the machine (see attac...

medart by Level 7
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Should I purchase the G750JX?

I'm going to need a computer for college next year (Computer Science/Computer Security Major), so I have decided to look early. I have my mind set on the G75JX, primarily because I owned a 2012 model G75vw and my grandpa (yes my grandpa) owns a G53sx...

yeehz by Level 7
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Automatic screen dimming

So I know that this has been issue in most people and by the other forum I realize that it might actually be Nvidia's problem. However, is there no other way to fix this rather than downloading a "stable" nvidia driver? I'm using gtx770m and there is...

G75vw not run on sata III

Hello, I just received my asus g75vw, I run all tests, and told me, that hdd hitachi 750gb runs at sata2. How enable sata 3? In bios sata mode is AHCI