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G703GI i7-8750H RAID0 storage benchmark

I will leave it here and let experts to discuss results -- Single memory channel with two Intel SSD 760p SSD-- Dual memory channel with two Intel SSD 760p SSD-- Dual memory channel with three SSD (2 Intel 760p + 1 Samsung PM981) >> Samsung is slower....

78939 78940 78941 78942

ASUS G73SW Laptop BIOS Not Recognizing Hard Drives

I have 2 ASUS G73SW laptops, both of which have recently developed a strange problem. In the first laptop I simply replaced the secondary D drive, which contains all of my data. The problem is that this new D drive is not recognized by the BIOS, so i...

G55VW Win7 Upgraded to Win10

Old news for most probably, but thought I'd post this for those who have older models. I just upgraded my G55 from Win7 Home to Win10 Home, not that I wanted to, but...Used the Microsoft upgrade website to download the upgrade tool, let it download 1...

ROG G751 4 TB Hard Drive?

I just purchased a brand new ROG G751JL-WH71WX laptop, which I love. The 2nd hard drive bay is empty, and I want to install a 4 TD drive in there. Silly question, but Seagate makes a 4TB Barracuda ST4000LM024 2.5" SATA III laptop Hard Drive HDD 15mm,...

G703GI Undervolt problem

Hi, Im trying to use XTU to undervolt the i7 8750H CPU but even after uninstalling Gaming Center, XTU shows the voltage modifiers "greyed out". Have someone successfully undervolted the G703 using XTU or Throttlestop and how?Best Regards,Cirkvito

G752VT Reset to factory state completely.

Before i get people telling me to search my topic and look at stickies, i did, i just have some questions.What i want to do is fully reset and wipe my 2 drives (C which is SSD and D which is HDD) and start-over as if i had just bought the laptop with...