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Windows 7 video driver

Hello,I decided to install windows 7. Does anyone know which are the best video driver for it? I see the nvidia website a recent one from a week ago. Is it stable or should I keep 332.21?

Drask by Level 7
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G750JW Freezes after BIOS update to version 208

Hi, recently I got this notebook and works ok for the first 2 days, then I decided to get all drivers to the last version. Also decided to give it a go to the new BIOS 208. Wen installed all restarted and then updated bios at the last step. There was...

Upgrading the hard drive… G75VX-BHI7N11

I know I have a 5400 RPM 1 TB hard drive… I also know it is SATA.What I don't know, if it has a transfer rate of 3 GB or 6 GB.Can it handle 6 GB?What is the max RPM it can handle? I'm not talking about SSD. I don't want SSD.

KohDuh by Level 7
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Thief 2014 on G750JX

Hello I've had my G750JX for over a month now and have been loving this thing as it managed to run various games at 60 FPS and provide a satisfying visual output (only Unreal Engine 3 game I've tried was Bulletstorm though I maaaaaay have to double c...

asd789 by Level 7
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G750jh 3d?

I really want the G750JH with 3d capabilities, but it seems Asus isn't releasing it with the 120hz screen in Norway. I'm having problems finding it anywhere. Anyone know the reason for this? I thought this would be standard on such an expensive compu...

Chiller by Level 7
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G73SW-A1 DC jack smoking

Hello, my name is Patrick and I've recently ran into a problem with my G73SW-A1 Laptop. Well, yesterday my power brick stopped supplying power to my laptop so I unplugged it and plugged it back in and when I did the dc jack on my laptop started smoki...