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[ElanTech Touchpad] Use both buttons at the same time

As the title states, I can't use both touchpad buttons at the same time. Thus making FPS unplayable (can't aim & shoot) I've tried with older and newer drivers, and the issue remains. If I uninstall Elantech drivers and use the generic Windows ...

Setoku by Level 8
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Refurbished G75VX missing screw

Hello everyone!I purchased a certified refurbished G75VX laptop about a month ago and it basically works fine. But one thing makes me very curious about - when I was performing a fan filter cleaning few days ago, I noticed that one screw is missing n...

34378 34379
DominZ by Level 7
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Stereo Mix Not Capturing Subwoofer Audio

While recording sound from stereo mix I am lacking bass, and it appears that it is due to no subwoofer included in stereo mix. Any fix?Asus G750JWStereo Mix, in Sound > Recording

Yakov by Level 7
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Best way to futureproof our notebooks?

Since the release of the G750 I have been feeling quite insignificant, considering the G750 seems to be a much better laptop. Now, that isn't bad, because that means progress is being made, but how can I/we prevent our current laptops from becoming ...

JDS by Level 7
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HELP on G55v BIOS Upgrade then Crashed

Hi everyone,I need your help if possible. I upgraded my Asus G55 from BIOS version 214 to 217 and it worked fine one time then the second time it came up with a black screen. The PC will not boot up. You press the power button and the keyboard and...

stskid by Level 7
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Help! G73JH on ASUS logo loop!

2 days ago, I left the room with the laptop on the table, and when I came back a few seconds later, I found the laptop shut off. The battery had died and so I took out the battery, plugged in the charger and turned it on. The ASUS logo pops up, and t...

using the dedicated GPU without power supply?

hello.i recently bought an ASUS ROG G750JW with some modification on it but nothing major.i would like to know if it is possible to play a game using the dedicated graphics card on board without the laptop being plugged in on a power if pos...

G750JH-DB71 - Changing HDD setup out of the box?

Hey, I'm all but resigned to getting the G750JH-DB71. Given my time limits for gaming etc. it's probably not worth waiting for 860/880M. My last gaming laptop was an Asus M50VM X1 which I got more than my money's worth out of (poor thing's still truc...