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New G75VW-RS72 - Right fan does not work

I just received my G75VW-RS72 today. While downloading programs and setting things up, it shut down with no warning. I turned it back on and a few minutes later the same thing happened. This happened a few more times, even while idling at the desktop...

kitty by Level 7
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Backlight Bleed G750JX G750JW G750JH

Hello.I used to have Asus G750jw.Love the laptop but there was one really annoying issue with it.Every time i watch movie or go to my desktop or even dark game with low light i can see that my screen is bleeding on the right side and bottom..I was t...

What is ASUS GPU Tweak?

I saw it on the G750JM drivers page so I downloaded and installed it.It doesn't offer any settings to change, all I see is to turn the Fan on full speed or not. am I missing something here?It is running in the taskbar? what exactly is this thing supp...

What is Wistron?

I see all new drivers on the ASUS Driver Search page have Wistron in the name of the driverTry downloading the latest Intel Chipset Driver and notice the name Wistron

Can I steal drivers from newer laptops?

I only want to download drivers from ASUS and not directly from Intel, nVIDIA, or RealtekIs it ok to steal the drivers from the newer laptops like the G750JS such as its nVIDIA Driver, Realtek Audio Driver, Intel Chipset Drivers, MEI, IRST?or will th...

G750JH-T4065H specs?

Hello all,I was wondering what the exact specifications of the G750JH-T4065H are. I've asked several shops now, and they all say a different story, to be precise:Does the T4065H sport 2x or 1x 256GB SSD?Does it have a 3D (120Hz) screen?Hoping to buy ...