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New LCD Screen but Old Resolution??? Help?

I just recently purchased a 46vw and it came with a stock 768p Screen. I decided to do an upgrade and got it a 1600x900p screen from ebay, and The installation was really smooth. But I still do not have the option for changing my resolution to 900p. ...

Btran93 by Level 7
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Off topic: Static electricity on metal outside

Hi all,i just got my G750XJ notebook and this is not a product issue, but a home issue.Depending on ythe power outlet i use, i get static elecytricity on the aluminium part around the keyboard. In some outlets it is ok, other not.What is this?Thank y...

Driver issuesG74SX(SYnaptics, ATK, P4gear)

I had to turn in my laptop for some repair business, it was returned factory default settings. I've been having issues ever since, but since they seemed to be minor I paid no attention. Now I' begging to think it was the order I installed the drivers...

G74SX sound is horrible.

I just bought myself a very expensive G74SX and am deeply deeply disappointed with the sound quality of this machine.I listen to a lot of music and enjoy my volume to be very loud and with lots of bass, my previous HP Laptop belts out a louder and mu...

Boojah by Level 7
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TRUE beastly sound speaker of the G74SX ! ( New )

I just FOUND out that The speakers installed of the G74SX-A1 or any other model without the Dobly 5.1 sound card have the SRS effect & WOW Effect along with THX (hidden options) installed on your speakers. For some Reason they aren't enabled and the ...

adamsyes by Level 8
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Asus G74SX with a 7.1 Headset?

Hey guys, I just found some headphones on Amazon for only $100. They're the Logtech G930 and they're 7.1 but I watched a video review on YouTube and the guy said don't bother buying them if your computer doesn't support 7.1. So I googled my laptop an...

Maahes by Level 7
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5.1 7.1 surround sound G74Sx

I've been going through the forums reading the threads about the G74SX audio card, and surround sound support. Up until now I was under the impression this computer supports higher audio surround sound. After recently going to PAX East, I've decided ...

I do not need OPTMUS

Question.I do not need OPTIMUS.Can I get rid of OPTIMUS? Like Alienware?I wish that there is no Intel Graphic on system.I HAVE G750JZ.

Gil_Kim by Level 7
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G750 model port sides.. left or right? (Poll)

Just curious guys.. and want to toss out the question..If was possible, would you rather have your G750 ports on the LEFT side of the unit, and have the two USB, DVD tray and card reader on the right?I find it funny how this wasn't thought of.. I mea...

Darnassus by Status Under Review
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