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G74Sx: High CPU temperatures

Dear Forum,I have had my trusty G74Sx for a bit over 2 years now, and am, as most people, super happy with it.A while ago however I noticed the system was getting extremely hot and chugged during longer gaming sessions, and upon installing CPUID HWMn...

Issue with G750 JX Right-Touchpad Button

Hello Community,I am using G750-JX and when ever I play games Touch-pad RIGHT button doesn't work, and if it works then (for example> Crysis 3 - when I Zoom with Touch-pad Right button, then touch-pad left button fails to work ..!!Is this a HW proble...

asus rog g750jz help

Hi, can you give me some help? I can't understand what kind of model is this rog. Please read the specs you f...

Deleting recovery partitions

Hey there,I'm very disappointed by placing recovery partitions on SSD rather than on HDD, so I have decided to delete them to free up some space. The point is: There was issues with Killer drivers that caused PC to hang while turning off in "nearly t...

Availability in Canada (JM/JS)

Hi !A friend of me is going to travel to Montreal soon (we still dont know when exactly), anyway, we looked everywhere in Quebec (Canada) for the G750JM and the G750JS, we just cant find any reseller who have it ! (Futureshop, staples, quebecom netwo...

How do I setup my G750JM with surround view?

Surround view appears to be possible based on the "Trinity Display Technology" of this laptop per the Asus website. I assume the best option would be to daisy-chain 3 DisplayPort 1.2 monitors? However, before I incur the cost for three new monitors...

Weird internet problem with G750JX

Yesterday internet was suddenly not working on my G750JX which has an Atheros wifi card. I was connected to my wifi like normally and sites just wouldn't load at all, while on my phone I was connected to the same wifi and internet was fast. And now t...

G74Sx Power Port Solder Help

Hello, I recently had the pin on my power adapter come off, it came off really flat, like it didn't break but just fell off. I have the pin and the cord, no problem. My curiosity is if I can use super glue (gorilla glue) to put it back. I don't know ...

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