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Question about G501JW SSD (fails to boot)

So, something caused my laptop to not boot up anymore. In the BIOS, it detects the SSD, gives me the serial number and all those details, so I know it's there. Normally doesn't show up in the boot order, however, in legacy mode, it shows up in the bo...

GL503VS Overboost Question

Hello, I own the GL503VS and I have a question regarding overboost.So after following all the guides regarding temps, I undervolted, disabled turbo boost, repasted etc. I get decent temps when fans are running at full speed, like 85 C. But the proble...

G752 M2 NVME SSD Upgrade Question

I installed a Samsung 970 EVO 1TB in the M2 slot, and Cloned the OS to this drive. The issue is that if I put the 2.5 ssd in the slot the computer automatically boots from that drive. I can't seem to get it sorted where I can reformat the 2.5 drive a...

tome10 by Level 7
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My old G550JK ROG HDD loss everything + screen problems

Hi, First of all, i'm French, so don't be rude with my English Here is the problem,I Buyed 1 year ago a new laptop and let my old one away (cause he won't boot anymore and I wanted a new one ) Last week i were bored on the night, and wanted to bring...

Dartwod by Level 7
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ROG G75VW Black Screen

Dear Computer Peoples , We have been caught in a loop with a expensive Asus ROG Gaming Laptop G75VW . Cannot boot to any keyboard commands , Ctl +Home Bios files on USB Stick G75.BIN will not boot to easy recovery , will not boot toF2 Bios , or any ...

How to fix G750jm shutdown problem?

Hello!I am a proud owner of an Asus G750jm (with Linux Ubuntu dual bootable, because Windows was behaving badly). Sadly my computer has started to shut down everytime I disconnect the charger, and when it is connected it stays on 1% all the time. Bef...

Disable G751 Trackpad When Mouse is Attached?

I am running Windows 7 64-bit on the ASUS G751. I almost always use a USB mouse. How do I disable the trackpad when a mouse is attached? I installed a Synaptics driver that added this option to the Mouse in Control Panel, but checking this checkbox ...

Why I Returned My G752VS OC Edition

I recently bought the G752VS-XB72K. After having it for less than 1 week, I decided to return it. I wanted to post my experience with this laptop so that it may help others with their purchasing decision. I wrote this in more or less of a story forma...

cuniac by Level 7
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g752vs CPU & GPU overheating problem

i've bought my new rog725,two days has several problems1.when idle(cpu usage < 5%) ,CPU frequency is always above 3400Mhz,and the temperature is above 70,most of the times 75 written in red.if i switch to power saving mode,the freq changes to ...

Ali_SH1 by Level 7
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Hi all, From a couple weeks i have noticed that my notebook in the middle of the night occurs a blue screen,so far i have installed WINDBG, and i have found that the problem is with NVIDIA driver. the error is VIDEO_MEMORY_MANAGEMENT_INTERNAL (10e)Th...

joaosb by Level 7
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