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!!solved!! g75 randomly started powering off. please help!!

SOLVED!So i have had me laptop for a while now. But all of a sudden with out warning it has started powering off on its own. Not your normal shut down either . like a desktop that had the plug pulled.So i thought maybe it was over heating. Ran hwinfo...

bioangel by Level 7
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Advice for new Asus G75JZ

Hello,first sorry for my english. for weeks i like to buy a new gaming laptop. I find, that the Asus is the best for me because i want a really silent notebook for gaming. i own a macbook pro retina 15" for work and some gaming. The performance is ok...

Noem224 by Level 7
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G75VW Keys ALL require hard press or overtravel

G75VW Keyboard requires hard press for all keys, ESPECIALLY THE SPACE BAR. This laptop is only about 2 weeks old.ITEM # AS G75V 3610QM/1DG5/8G/USG75VW-1AT1/8SL/V/WF/SQProblem SEEMS mechanical: If you press a key very gradually, the key"click" happen...

RAID 0 Strip size

Hey guys my question is pretty much the heading; What is the RAID0 strip size for the g750JH.

Elder Scrolls Online with Brand New Asus G750 Series

Greetings AllI am planning to buy an ASUS Rog series laptop for around 1200 dollar budget from best buy ( have a gift certificate )ALL I WANT IS BEING able to PLAY ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE on High settings at CYRODIIL PVPMY current laptop ( Dell XPS 2009...

Asus G75VX-T4014H modified bios

Hi, I've been searching and i cannot seem to find a modified bios for my Asus I7 3630qm 12 gb of ram 670mx (1.5 tb of harddrive space). All i want to do is overclock my 670mx close to its limit (I need it to be on par with the 770m) Thanks

How will the G75 fare with the future?

Has anyone watched the PS4 presentation? Have you seen the freaking new engines? Unreal 4, Panta Rhei (this one was freaking insane), Square Enix's, the new Watch Dogs gameplay! . The new GTX titan came out, and the 700 series will most likely all be...

[REQ]G74Sx Original Bios (201)

Hi, I enabled 'cpu flex ratio' on this modded bios I got to get turbo in mac os x. Anyway I was trying to sort out this throttling issue on certain games.Now my G74Sx doesn't POST and just power cycles every 3-4 seconds on AC and just shuts down afte...

numanuk by Level 7
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