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G750JW DD + SSD, how to install windows on SSD?

Hello everyone!I'm very happy to join the G750 community, this laptop seems to be amazing, but asus was not so intelligent when they prepare it!I have two hard drive:HDDSSDOf course i would like that my Windows 8 version go to the SSD, but asus insta...

zecari by Level 7
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Suitable Bags, Backpacks or Cases for ROG G750 Notebook

Hello ROG Community,In about a month, I'll be starting a travelling position with a national company. I wanted a sweet gaming and processing powerhouse that preserved the element of portability for this purpose. I bought the ASUS ROG G750JW so I co...

Tristyn by Level 7
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I Can see this computer on the asus web and this fouroum is for it , but i have not seen the G56JR in the shop.My Question is i Have t N56JR which according to Asus web site is the same specs, just The G56 is a diffrent colour,could i just up load th...

wolfy by Level 8
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ASUS G55 Post Windows 8.1 Software Issues.

Greetings, I recently restored my ASUS G55VW machine to the factory default, Windows 7 Home Premium x64.I purchased my machine during the Windows 8 Promo period. Hence, I had a Windows 8 Pro Key.I have successfully upgraded the OS to W...

Vicerox by Level 7
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G46VW no HDMI output? Please Help!

Hi all, I purchased my G46 refurb for like a year, and I just had a chance to try the HDMI output lately. At first, it does show in my llaptop the TV name, Toshiba TV but no signal. After I restart, whenever I plugged the HDMI cable in, my laptop fre...

giangpn by Level 7
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Is the GeForce GTX 880M very new or..

Cus Watch Dogs is coming out soon.. and there is no official.. non-beta.. drivers out that support 880M..Bougth G750JZ just to get best experience in Watch Dogs. Can we expect drivers soon? Not beta as that is unsafe. Called beta for a reason. Can ca...

!!solved!! g75 randomly started powering off. please help!!

SOLVED!So i have had me laptop for a while now. But all of a sudden with out warning it has started powering off on its own. Not your normal shut down either . like a desktop that had the plug pulled.So i thought maybe it was over heating. Ran hwinfo...

bioangel by Level 7
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