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Odd Framerate Issue with my New G750JW-DB71

Hello All,After missing out on an entire generation of gaming due to having an ancient Dell, I saved my pennies and bought an Asus G750JW-DB71 two weeks ago. For the first week, I absolutely loved it. I loaded out Fallout 3 and Team Fortress 2 (a cou...

Upgrade G46vw graphic card

As a title, i want to upgrade my GTX 660M to another graphicIm aiming at the GTX 780MCan I do it, and should I?Would it affect the system and other parts of the laptop?Thanks for helping

G750JW stuck at 777MHz when unplugged

Hi,I've been experiencing an issue with my laptop I bought 9 months ago: whenever I unplug it, the processor is stuck at 777Mhz, not higher, not lower.I've googled my problem and found out a lot of people were experiencing it too, with different solu...

Can't Get Pass Log-in Please Help!

Hello, I am new here and I am having a problem with my laptop. I purchased it 1/23/13 and 30 days after purchase, Windows crashed on me and I needed it re-installed. The same thing is happening right now. I feel that this model (G75VW 2012) shouldn't...

Mikey319 by Level 7
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HELP! Screen auto-dims automatically on ASUS G750JW

Greetings!I've notice my screen auto-dims pretty much all the time when I switch from black/ white screens, and you can really notice something is happening. I've tried several settins, like turn OFF the adaptive screen (its off) and been experimenti...

Jeracan by Level 7
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Mods/Admins: Is ASUS doing something about this issue?

As we all know there's a global problem with G750 models regarding hissing static noise while headphones are connected to laptop. I browsed the forum and found no reference that ASUS even knows about the problem and is doing something about it.Just l...

g75vx gaming lag? low fps, help plz

I have the g75vx gaming laptop, updated drivers, 8.1 windows, battery is always on high performance when gaming the wireless is great , and the the 670 gtx is updated direct x and latest nidvia driver. but i get low fps every game , only can play o...

Asus RoG G750-JX Bootup Blackscreen

Asus RoG G750-JX Bootup BlackscreenI have this Notebook for like 5 months(no warranty anymore) and never had a problem but oneday when I woke up, I turned it on. Blackscreen nothing. i can press on the ESC button while booting and get to the bios but...

Question about Realtek affecting 3.0 Usbs

so everytime i try and install realtek's latest drivers my USB 3.0s which is pretty much every USB on this g750 tends to stop working so i try and remove em restart then theyll always come back with a exclamation mark on them and not work. What am i ...

Fehaya by Level 7
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