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need help with back-up g750jh

Hey. need help to get back-up from Windows 8.1 and asus. i upgraded from Windows 8 to 8.1 and now i can`t take back-upwhat do i need to do? i have order a Samsung evo ssd. how can i now take back-up to a flash. and install it on the New hdd?

Robin7S by Level 7
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G73JH-1A Freezing/Glitching

I know this has been posted a hundred times but I have still yet to find a solution.It only starts glitching then eventually freezing after I start a game. Usually within 5 minutes or less it will start, upon opening the game, then freeze and the sou...

Keyboard Lights Not Turning on!

Hey guys, so it was time I did a repaste on my G75. I usually overclock it to 1200mhz on my gtx 600m, and would get up to 75C at most. But recently I even hit the 90s once. Did the repaste, worked great! A little Arctic Silver 5 and my temps are now ...


Re-install Windows will disable Optimus for good?

Just wonder.. it's starting to get annoying that I can't set browser, Windows Media Player and such to use NVIDIA.I actually get graphical lag while browsing sometimes, like delay on things I write in the url. Lag. And I have 1 tab up.

G750jw Horizontal lines

I recently purchased G750jw but i can see thin lines horizontally on screen i don't know whats the problem. It become clear in white backgrounds.

Taha_N1 by Level 7
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G750JZ External Display Color Calibration Problem

Hi, I'm new here - hopefully someone will have insight into this issue.I've just bought the RoG G750JZ (NVidia 880M) after having the the RoG G73JW for nearly four years of constant use. I am a graphic designer and I use the system primarily as a wor...