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G750JS overheating with BOINC/encoding video?

I've got the JS, and the last couple days I noticed that when I'm encoding video (on A/C), CPU spikes to 79 or 80 Celsius almost instantly in a 23 Celsius room, then starts slowly climbing up to 90 before the laptop automatically shuts itself off. Fa...

What type of ssd's will fit?

I'd like to know exactly what ssd's my g750 can accept. I have a good deal on a Toshiba Q-Series Pro - 512GB SSDThe offer i found is 230. Good deal right.

Rogkam by Level 7
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how to control gpu fan speed

What software works? to control GPU Fan speed. I tried msi afterburner, and riva tuner, and eva precisionx.... the gpu tweak that came with my pc only lets me put it to MAX Speed... I wanna raise it... Every software i use has the speed fan grayed ou...

HomieOC by Level 7
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G750Jx many things locked or blocked

Hi ROG members and owners,Im joshua, proud owner of an ROG. I have issues and i know its wide spread, but i can't seem to find a thread about it or resolving it.Firstly i am a tempreture sceptic, i am always getting 79degrees on load especially on di...

G750JS GeForce card problem

Just bought this today. Installed windows 8.1, everything fine. Then i try to run thief with the Nvidia card. Game works for about 2-3 mins, then crashes the driver pretty bad (with artifacts on screen). Now NOTHING that requires the nvidia card (GTX...

My experience with Windows 7 -Asus G750JX

Hi guys I want to share my experience using Windows 7 x64 Ultimate with you.1st week: Well, everything was working AWESOME, even better than with W8. No driver problems everything was just AWESOME.2nd week: Shortcuts like increasing-decreasing volume...

Disable Hyper-Threading on G750J

I'm trying to disable Hyper-Threading so that I can play TimeShift, which isn't configured to run on more than 4 cores, so it crashes on startup. Disabling HT also seems to fix some FPS issues on other games for some people, but that's beside the poi...

Redneck1 by Level 7
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Got a clicking key on the keyboard, would like to fix.

Hey guys,Recently my F key has been making loud clicking noises whenever I hit and let go of it. It doesn't stick down or anything, it releases by itself, but the clicking has started to drive me crazy and because of whatever's making the clicking, i...

iChun by Level 8
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G75VW-RS72 Stopped playing DVD's

I own a G75VW-RS72, It's a great machine with no problems till recenrly. It stopped playing DVD's. When I open up Windows Explorer with a regular CD loaded, it is listed as a DVD/CD-Rom drive along with the drive letter. When I load a DVD and it does...