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How do i update intel drivers?

I downloaded latest drivers that are the correct ones for my laptop off i tried installing it, and it gives me a error sayng i need to get specific drivers from manufacturer from the company i bought it from???My intel drivers are from 2/...

HomieOC by Level 7
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Physx GPU issue

HelloI play Mirror's Edge [patch 1.01]I have G56jr and Physx on GPU doesnt work...even when forced in Nvidia Control Panel? on Need for Speed Shift it doesnt work as well...I switched on Physx indicator and it always shows PhysX -> CPUMy friends [the...

xdon82 by Level 7
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G75 G75VW-NS72 screen issue

Hello All,I thank you in advance for any help. So I think a small amount of water got into my laptop screen while I was biking back from school today. I am not sure exactly if I can fix it my own or if I am going to have to take it to a shop. The ...

ftrain by Level 7
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G750JZ Clean up partitions and create backup windows USB

So I ordered a G750JZ from newegg that will get here on Friday and I know right away I'm going to want to clear out all the strange partitions Asus always puts on their drives. (It has them right?)First things first though, what size USB do I need to...

hoboX10 by Level 7
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Windows doesn't recognize my D drive. ROG G750JH-DB71

After good advice from folk on this forum I did manage to change my computer from 2 physical SSDs and 1 physical HDD split into two logical drives for a total of 4 logical drives to: 2 physical SSDs combined into 1 logical SSD with the one physical/...

OleCuss by Level 7
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nVIDIA drivers for G56JR

Hello, this is my first post here so please be gentle if the topic is already covered but I have some issues with the nvidia drivers or the card performance itself.I have ROG G56JR laptop model with nvidia 760M graphic card but the performance I get ...

ASUS G73JH will not boot!!

So the other day my laptop had started to heat up and shut itself down a few minutes into a gaming session. Now mind you, although I do enjoy PC gaming I am not totally tech savvy. When I felt around I noticed it was getting extremely hot at the bac...

So I just got a G750JS-DS71.......

So I got my G750JS-DS71 today and I had some major issues with it (Battery charging issue and Boot issue), so the company I got the laptop from is overnighting me a new one. So I been browsing the forums and I see that a lot of people are having issu...