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ROG g74sx keyboard gone nuts!!

Something Very Wrong with My Keyboard My keyboard has gone nuts recently. I bought a slightly used ROG G74sx recently and just over the last week the keyboard has become completely useless. Most keys yield no response and a few yield weird results...

G 750 JH -- Bluetooth stopped to work.

ASUS G 750 JH - BT was working fine with bt logitech keyboard, but after connecting bt mouse everything stopped to work. After reboot of laptop indicates that usb device found and can't indicate (unknown device)Running win 7 x 64. Tryied reinstallin...

G75VX ignores bios "Enter Setup" on boot [solved]

Hi everyone, a new guy here.I bought my G75VX about a year ago and I love it. There is, however one problem - I can't get into BIOS.Pressing F2 or DEL after power on causes the laptop to stop responding (booting). Pressing ESC displays a menu 2 optio...

G74SX: Optical Drive Bezel

Wondering if anyone knows where I can get a replacement Optical Drive Bezel. Just installed a Sliverstone TS09 (Optical HDD bay) and used the Bezel from the Optical bay.... Would like to get another Bezel for the Optical Bay for the rare times I will...

G75VW won't boot windows!

Hi,I'm very sad because my computer doesn't seem to want to boot windows!Yesterday I left it on overnight plugged in so I can download some things but left the screen off of course. Today when I woke up I found it did its job so I just shut it down. ...

750JZ is slow to boot up

My JZ is really slow to boot up compared to my previous JH. For example when i boot it up. I see my username and password letterbox it takes 3 seconds for me to be able to type anything. Then once I punch in my password, it takes another 20 seconds.M...

Rogkam by Level 7
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GT750Jx for working

hello, I tell them, I buy the G750jx with 32gb ram for vfx / postproduction, the machine is doing very well but I have some doubts that the Asus tech support did not answer me satisfactorily. I think the level of the people of this forum is very good...

DGPost by Level 7
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