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Using AudioWizard with headphones

Hello, everybody! I have recently bought a new laptop, and predictably, I mean ASUS G750JH. I got used to it but I couldn't solve out just one problem that has to do with the equalizer. I prefer to enhance manually the sound, but this time... Unfortu...

I bought a G56JR and I'm having problems with the sound

Hi,So first of all I know that the G56JR is not a much liked machine around here because it's a new pc with an old gpu but let's get that out of the way. I was looking for a N550JK/JV but for the price I got my G56JR it was worth it for my needs. So ...

zpedro by Level 9
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HELP: Best way to Un-Partition G750JS-DS71?

Recently I had purchased a G750JS-DS71, and upon looking at my storage I saw that the 1TB Hard Drive and the 256GB SSD are partitioned oddly... (C, D, E, & F) Upon further inspection, it seems that C has the OS. But the rest are empty. My question is...

SSD Intall issue G75VW

Hello all,Normally I would swallow pride and spend the money to get this fixed by ASUS, but I cant be without my computer for another month so I am hoping one of you true techies out there can lend a helping hand and save me some time and money.I rec...

jah0708 by Level 7
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G550 - Where is my favourite design?

Hi guys,I just want to share my thoughts. I have been reading about G500 for a week now and I can't understand what had just happened.Where has my favorite ROG design gone, why did ASUS changed the the ROG brand identity. My opinion - but the stealth...

kikich by Level 7
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Where are the G series made?

Hi, i'm a big Asus fan, I was reading that Asus has manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, China, Mexico and Eastern Europe, I was wondering where the G series are made, and if any and which other Asus laptop series are still made in Taiwan, or if all a...

Asus g550jk-ds71

Hey,Any idea when this one releases and if it would be available in Europe?I read about it on xoticpc: and it seems prettty good, but what do you guys think about it, is it worth...

Jayvus by Level 7
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