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G750JS - buzz in headphones

Hello, I have a small problem.When I use the headphones, i hear a light buzz going on, a kind of whitenoise. This whitenoise stops after a while sounds are not used in the computer, or if I lower the mixer volume completely to 0. Does any of you have...

jetrian by Level 7
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How is OS re-installation handled?

I just received my first ASUS laptop, the G750JZ-XS72. The previous three computers I owned were Dells so I've always received a Windows OS re-install CD in case I had to re-install Windows, which I've done several times over the years. There was not...

MaryMR by Level 7
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Disabling g750jm touch pad

I have tried to disable the touchpad on my laptop. i have the g750jm i have downloaded drivers and followed other steps i cant disable it. Not even using the function keys allows it to work. Please help me!Thanks,Zack

Spin, Stop, Spin, Stop, Spin, Stop, Spin, Stop, Hard Drive

As I download files..( I told my computer to put all my internet downloads onto my mechanical drive )It stops, starts, stops, starts and it does this every 1 second interval. I can hear it which is pestering, but it also doesn't sound so healthy for ...

Darnassus by Status Under Review
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G750JS - Shadowplay problem (SOLVED)

Hello everyone. Thanks in advance for any tips or advices. I'd just gotten the G750JS with GTX870M. Couldn't be happier with it. But there's a slight problem i'm facing which i hope somebody can help me out. My laptop crashes whenever i try to turn o...

G750JX - 1day old - Black Screen and not Booting

Hello all,I purchased a new G750JX-4048H last Friday and very please with my choice, regarding speed, design, heat dissipation and noise. Nice extras with a rog mouse and a backpack. Installed Norton, steam and a couple of games.Everything was going ...

Nmigaz by Level 7
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G750JX has Bluetooth ?

hi guys i got g750jx but im not sure it has bluetooth or not i installed drivers for windows 8.1 and says bluetooth device unplugged

Rawand by Level 7
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