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Asus G56JR Sound Issue , Need asistance

Greetings , I have a problem related to the sound on my brand new ( 1 month old ) laptop , which I seemed to notice it 2 weeks ago . The problem is that when playing sound loudly ( speakers !~60% ) sometimes there is a high squeak / high pitch noise ...

G750 JX Hard Drive upgrade question :)

Hey guys First post, please be gentle lolI have the G750 JX and it has two 500GB Hard Disks in it, but I am upgrading them, one is a 256GB SSD and the other a 1TB Hybrid DriveSo my question is, looking at the back of the unit, If the two Hard Drive b...

Cold palm rest. :c

The steel brush finish is beautiful.. but it's so very cold! In a room abience of 16*C you could imagine how cold metal gets.Anyone got a remedy of fixing that? ';dI thought of swapping hard drives around, getting the warm mechanical drive under my l...

Darnassus by Status Under Review
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What HDD Caddy fits G56JR

Hi, I'm going to buy a SSD for my laptop (G56JR), and I'm planning as well attach the old HD in a Caddy replacing the DVD-Drive, however I'm not sure what I must choose.Per product specifications the hard disk that the computer has in a sata 9.5mm, b...

icneo by Level 7
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Replacement parts for busted audio jack?

It looks like my audio jack got busted; it's quite loose. Are there places where I can get spare parts? Dell is pretty good about selling replacement parts for servicing laptops. Was hoping Asus had something similar.

danmaku by Level 7
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G74SX crashes after 5-30 minutes

I ordered a refurbished G74SX from NewEgg and just got it yesterday. It was working fine yesterday, except that Team Fortress 2 would crash within 2 minutes of joining a server every time. Then today, it started happening with other games and then I ...

Just a cable question for ASUS G74SX

Hi, I just want to see if anyone knows which one of these cables is the keyboard backlight? I recently teared apart and put it together and I can't seem to make the keyboard backlight to work. I'm guessing it's one of these cables that has not been a...


G73jh Win7 Bootable USB drive...?

I have installed larger HDD's in my G73jh and in trying to reload Windows 7, I am trying to use a USB drive but I can't get the machine to boot from it. I used the Win7 USB/DVD download tool to load the .iso onto the USB drive so as far as I know it ...