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Finally overclocking. :c

Hello, I've always been against overclocking, worrying that I'd bust my chips.. BUT lately I've heard overclocking your haswell can actually make it more efficient, reducing temperatures and boosts it's speed. Not sure about the GPU though. But willi...

Darnassus by Status Under Review
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Upgrade memory help

I picked up this laptop ( it comes with 12g ram. I think I can open the back and add another RAM stick, is that right? DO I need to replace them all or can I add just one more (4g) and u...

Freezing on startup and restart G750JM

Hello all. First off, im new to posting in forums so be gentle...I've had my g750jm for about 3 months. When it runs its absolutely awesome. But it will randomly freeze on startup and restart. I have to hold down the power button and force it to shut...

Where and how to buy ROG Windows 8.1 for G56JR

Hi all!I bought G56JR in Polish distribution with preinstalled Windows 7 (I was bit affraid of Win 8.1 and there was an option in shop to choose old version of the system, so i did). When I turned it on first time, I noticed subwoofer is not working,...

Which G74SX Model has the synaptics Touchpad?

Hi everyone,Trying to Figure out Which G74SX model number ships with the Synaptic Touchpad so i can order parts. there are so many different versions. would be nice as well to have a good place to have DETAILED specs of each iteration to see ALL the ...

Miliano by Level 9
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I am planning to buy asus g56jr-cn183h...please help if it's worth it or any other g56 build is good?

addi2140 by Level 7
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g46 backlit keyboard not working

Well i searched the forum and some other sites seems like i`m not the first one who had a problem like this.I purchased a refurbished g46 from on June 10 2014 and backlit keyboard didn`t work. No flash of lights at start, no driver issue f...