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G56JR Upgarding Voids Warranty?

As the title says. Does upgrading both RAM and the HDD to a SSD void the warranty? I ask because on the G56JR there isn't any screws exposed or hidden under any "User Friendly" rubber pads whereas the G750 has a rubber pad which you can open to expos...

g75vw upgrades in general

OK guys I have a heavilly modded g75vw. I have the intel ac7260 in my computer 16 GB of ram, better cooling CPU side provided by xoticpc, dimand thermal compound, and I put another 750gb hard drive that originally came in the g75vw. so that a side le...

G750JX Battery compartment querry

Hello,I purchased a G750JX earlier this year, and have decided to remove the battery to preserve it, as I am only every using it plugged in. My question is in regards to the compartment where the battery was living. Will it be safe to leave completel...

3dmark - New Skydiver test Sponsored by Asus :)

There is a new 3dmark test, Sky Diver - and it is Asus sponsored 3DMark-v1-3-708 - This link is for an update, you will already need to have 3dmark installed.

hmscott by Level 12
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SSD instead DVD-Reader for G56

Hello all,I already search on the web for this question but i didn't found any answer about the G56.I know it's possible to set an SSD instead the Blu-Ray-Reader on Nx series.My question is, there is a way to do the same for ROG G56 ? There is S-ATA ...

Critex by Level 7
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G750JX No CPU fan and overheating

I've only had this laptop for 3 months or so. I've played Alan Wake, HL2 Ep2, Metro 2033 and portal 2 with no problems(all offline while I'm at work), howerver, I downloaded DayZ yesterday and while playing the game, at seemingly random points, the ...

32360 32361

G73JH-A2 Hard Drive Controller(?) Problems and More

Just a heads up, this is going to be a long read. I put a brief summary at the bottom of the post, though.After dealing with a whole host of issues with ASUS customer service regarding my G73JH-A2, I was recommended by a friend and Republic of Gamers...

NDUDE by Level 7
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