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G752VS, BSOD, please Help!!

Hello, I bought this pc a couple of years ago, and since the beginning Im having big problems with different BSODs that seem kind of aleatory.It never really worked properly.Ive already reinstalled windows, reinstalled all the original drives, ran mu...

alocks by Level 7
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G75VW, Via Audio Deck in Windows 10?

So I'm having a problem with my old G75VW and the sound drivers.I seem to be unable to install them properly.First off, the installers don't work at all, they run but they seem to actually install squat and the sound system still just uses the generi...

Hard drive G751

HI, today in windows a window popped up saying my hard drive needs to be replaced or it may cause data loss. I am instructed to shut down the device.Well, what drive fits in the G751?Any advice? I have C: and ... are this one drive or do I have two ...

zenon49 by Level 7
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Asus G751JY problem with USB slots using my iPhone

So apparently I spent over $1,500 on this laptop and now no matter what usb slot i use it wont detect my iPhone. I can plug my wireless mouse receiver into any of the slots and they work fine but when I want to plug my iPhone in, it doesn't work at a...

G750JZ need help please

Hey Guys i really need help nothing i do works, i have done 2 Clean windows 10 installs and the problem still persits.I have tried several Gpu Tweak versions, none gives me Fan Control it just isn't there, i have googled and i can't find nothing.Ple...

80492 80493
pekka39 by Level 7
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