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G73JH-A2 Hard Drive Controller(?) Problems and More

Just a heads up, this is going to be a long read. I put a brief summary at the bottom of the post, though.After dealing with a whole host of issues with ASUS customer service regarding my G73JH-A2, I was recommended by a friend and Republic of Gamers...

NDUDE by Level 7
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G56JR (Adding SSD Compatible?)

I would like to ask about the Asus G56JR Gaming Laptop and it says on some Specification that i have seen is it includes 8GB SSD with the 750 GB HDD, My question is can i upgrade the 8GB SSD into 120 or 240 GB Corsair Force LS SSD or any high...

Which Chipset Update for G750JX

Hi all,On the product page of the g750jx the "most recent" Chipset Version is V9.4.0.1022.From the download section at asus there are newer chipset updates: Which of them is the right...

G750JS Pre-sales Help/Advice

Hey allI was wondering if i should buy the G750JS but i have heard mixed things some say it's fantastic some say it is a total piece of crap.It would be much appreciated if you would reply your thoughts and if you have had any issues such as backligh...

krissib by Level 7
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Serious issues with almost new G750JW

I'm going to try and remember this as it played out, though I didn't think to write it down as I went, so I hope I've got everything straight.So I bought myself a G750JW about 4 months ago. All was well, and then one day, out of the blue, it suddenly...

Low fps in any game

Greetings fellow gamers! I recently joined the gamers republic with the ASUS ROG G750JZ. This is my first post and I'm a bit sad it is about an issue.First I am sorry if it is the wrong section, it seemed the only one that this would fit in.Whenever ...

dne0gen by Level 7
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