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Subwoofer turns off when I use AudioWizard

And here I am trying out the AudioWizard and upon moving the sliders the subwoofer stops working randomly and then starts again only to stop again. Is that some protection against overvoltaging the subwoofer?

CBeTHaX by Level 7
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Question about drivers ( g750js )

Hello everyone Since a day I'm an owner of Asus G750JS ( windows 8.1 x64 ), unfortunately after 5 hours my pc decided to stop working, first thing that happened, was long freeze, then I had blue screen ( 2 times ) and since that my asus is working RE...

ReeZe by Level 7
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Need help with G750JX drivers

I have just installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 and the problem is the Device Manager shows Ethernet adapter and Network adapter as unknown and i cant connect to the internets!so far I've installed a few chipset drivers I found in this forum and it d...

ASUS G750J Webcam issues

Nothing is able to find my webcam, I do know I have one. Not Skype or any other program. Is there a FN key to turn off/on my webcam? Or another way I can get it to work?Hopefully my problem can get fixed, thanks.

G56JR not updating nvidia drivers

Hello, a friend of mine bought a G56JR w/ GTX760M yesterday that comes with the 332.x driver. He was trying to play Watch_Dogs and we know that the latest nvidia driver helped performance a lot on that game, so we tried to install the latest 337.88 t...

DWJorgeB by Level 7
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Dear friends,my new Asus g750 js started to produce a very udible high pitched sound when cpu is idle. I tried to mute the microphone (and btw I need it) and this didnt solve. I saw on internet that some modify the registry in order to change the way...

jetrian by Level 7
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In need of replacement back panel/speaker/hinge cover

It seems my son did not realize that I had locked my laptop to my desk and he tried to move it to the other side of the desk and having it yanked out of his hands. Everything works fine, but the side of the cover that the lock port is on is no longer...

Phantzm by Level 7
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Question about maxxaudio wizzard

So I was hearing some crackling in my Astro A40's so I updated my realtek audio driver. So far no crackling. But I opened up the maxxaudio wizzard and noticed something different. Here is what it looked like before I updated the driver. (not my image...

troomc4 by Level 7
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G53 SX A1 - upgrade questions

This is a re-post from a different thread since I was "told" to post here instead.G53 sx a1I am looking at upgrading the RAM and adding a SSD. As far as I was aware, when purchasing the computer, it should have came with 12 Gb RAM DDR3 @ 1333MHz. Loo...

RazvanS by Level 7
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